1. Completely agree, even Taxi and 3 Faces were some of my favorite films of the 2010s, but this movie uses narrative so well to suit as a metaphor for his filmmaking and political situation, as well as the morality of his filmmaking, that it feels like a culmination of everything he’s done. It’s sad that he’s going to be imprisoned for god knows how long, but he’s the bravest living director.

  2. By the way, I loved Taxi and 3 Face, I just put those slightly below the his very top tier.

  3. No. The opposite. They want to stay with the consensus that’s exists before a movie is even released

  4. “The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool.” - Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lester Bangs in Almost Famous

  5. Not in the collection but could be, maybe should be some day: Eat Drink Man Woman

  6. Not what you were asking about, but his short book Making Movies is one of the best I’ve read on then topic. Practical, insightful and full of examples drawn from his own films

  7. Go back to the beginning and reread. Keep going back to reread again and again. Never stop reading to the end and rereading. Eventually, the meaning will dawn on you.

  8. I think novels and the films based on them exist in different universes. But that’s me.

  9. Whose shoulder is it over? It would be someone sitting on the hood facing the windshield

  10. That guy in a previous thread who was arguing that Marlowe was a heel one step up from a criminal like Sam Spade should read this.

  11. What happened to the guy suing Nirvana for his baby picture on their album cover?

  12. The issue isn’t nudity in the film. The issue is the actors’ consent to it.

  13. His Girl Friday, three times. Or The Palm Beach Story and The Awful Truth

  14. Must be great to foresee the future so clearly and know that CCV and Ferreira won’t be better players in 2026

  15. They could be. Sure. I’m open to that. Anybody you would leave off?

  16. No, because there is no way to anticipate four years of development. I won’t even say who for certain will be back. Too much can happen

  17. A buddy of mine pointed out a few months ago that most US coaches who have qualified have had a contract extension announced before the tournament, presumably because the coach gains leverage by qualifying and uses that leverage to demand a contract extension and job security. I know what most people are going to say "yeah, but qualifying is the bare minimum!" Okay, but I would say the cycle directly after the one where we didn't qualify, if Berhalter wanted that extension, he'd have even more leverage to ask for it, lest US Soccer risks ending up with another 2018 fiasco (I know we've already qualified for 2026, but you know what I mean)

  18. The only time I remember an extension announced before the Cup was Klinsmann. I remember it annoyed me so much that Gulati did that…

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