1. I’m also a teen (17m) trying to break off into the writing/directing world. I have the writing pretty much covered as I’ve written dozens of scripts, still need much to learn about directing. Wanna DM?

  2. He said that’s his second favorite serial killer

  3. Lol the trailers confirm the leak dialog is canon lol

  4. why are you still responding to an almost two month old post 💀 the debate is over ffs

  5. There was a bet made in this thread and wanted to remind u folks of it :)

  6. I promise you nobody in this thread gives a shit. It’s honestly sad how you came back to this post after two months just to get your 5 seconds of fame over an argument virtually everyone forgot about lol

  7. A young girl living alone discovers that she may or may not be hallucinating a bug infestation.

  8. I read this wayy too fast and thought the title said you were starting a strip club

  9. I personally dont care, i dont want a half assed game, im still young I dont have fear of dying before the game releases lol

  10. You can still die before the game releases 💀 being young has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  11. Those are two episodes out of the last two seasons of AHSs and the past few seasons of AHS.

  12. Y’all are so damn dramatic, this logo looks the literal same. This change means absolutely nothing. And I’m not just talking in regards to this post but the million others that’s been posted on here the past two days

  13. Why do you constantly post this? I remember a few months ago you kept posting this Emma vs Gabourey shit because you didn’t like the responses. Stop trying to pit two women against eachother.

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