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  1. How about you click the link and read about it. It’s backed by those countries governments.

  2. Allllllllll of the rape going on over there and they’re worried about fucking licenses to watch television????? 1/6 children and 1/4 women are raped in the UK and Wales btw

  3. Y’all are being conditioned to watch braindead content. If you seriously think it’s funny watching a grown man tell a bunch of young girls to kill themselves for clout then it’s just sad for everybody at this point.

  4. They are all probably the same age

  5. Eh either way, leave people alone. It’s not that hard. Clout and likes have become the staple of our society and it just makes everyone a bit dumber. Kids can be stupid and kids, but the constant need for gratification from social media is a huge shit stain that will never go away.

  6. Yet tons of women see no problem with this. The system is meant to keep girls in their place by brainwashing and scaring the people. “Yes please protect my daughter from those freak transgenders, by conducting genital inspections and recording her reproductive cycle” “ I’m so glad she’s safe from groomers”.

  7. The USA has one of the highest rates of single parent households in the world. It’s really fucking deplorable.

  8. How about fixing fucking comp matchmaking. I would like to reinstall the game eventually.

  9. People who bitch about masks are just as bad as the sheep who still wear them. Let them be. What if shes immunocompromised, and is just doing everything she can while obviously still needing to get around

  10. When my mom would spank us with a wooden spoon, me and my brother would later secretly hide that wooden spoon in a hidden space beneath the kitchen table our parents didn't know about.

  11. WHY IS THIS A THING. My mom swears on her mother fucking life she never did shit like this to me. Yet I remember very VERY clearly being dragged by my long hair across the floor and being whooped by my dad more than a few times.

  12. Glad our taxes are being put to good use! Now I won’t accidentally eat a marijuana and OD

  13. I was very much anti gun and was until about two years ago. If anything, the shootings will convince more people to arm themselves.

  14. Lmao same, I was living in the “why can’t we be more like Europe” delusion. Then the pandemic woke me up.

  15. That’s what I’m saying. They’re messing with matchmaking for sure. So many people have similar stories and it just doesn’t add up.

  16. Please, you’re telling me a company this size isn’t going to use a legal patent for their advantage to make millions from cosmetics?

  17. I think it’s more of how long they’ve played the game for. I’m new and made this mistake at the very start. Then I started to observe what’s happening more around the map and even played some support to see what’s up. I learned there’s also two types of tanks, shields and divers so I change what I play according to what my team picks.

  18. Whoever he is, it’s all a psy op. They want him in the media on purpose. Nobodies like him don’t get attention this.

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