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  1. Also the sad truths about cheaters is they don’t care about you, they can lie and love bomb you only because they are afraid of being alone. Cheaters are never satisfied and they will never change.

  2. Ask your self why you’re so afraid to break up, what’s the root cause? Find ways to prepare your self for after the break up, what are your plans for your self? How will you support your emotional needs?

  3. My iron level is on the borderline low side as well, still normal but on the low side. Do u just take over the counter ferrous sulfate tablets ? Imma look on this irom supplementation

  4. I take iron ferrous fumarate 210 mg tablets, vitamin D3, saw palmetto and vitamin C. I also use monixdle

  5. Are you taking regular multivitamins now or high dose iron supplements separately?

  6. I take iron ferrous fumarate 210 mg tablets, vitamin D3, saw palmetto and vitamin C. I also use monixdle

  7. Soft natural, she’s curvy and doesn’t have enough vertical to be soft dramatic. Her body reminds me of jorja smith and I think she’s also soft natural

  8. I keep having this internal battle with myself. I can’t tell if my meds are helping. One day I believe they are the next I feel completely defeated. My hair feels definitely a lot thinner and my density has gotten worse but these pictures I think show that maybe they are working? Also want to add I just tested positive for covid and I am terrified of a shed😢😢 if you have not shed from covid pls lmk!!

  9. I had covid and my hair did shed quite a lot but nothing crazy. When I recovered the hair did grow back slowly. Also taking prescription iron tablets and consuming fruit with vitamin C helped a lot with the shedding.

  10. FN, the last outfit looks amazing on you! I wish I could wear something like that

  11. There's a lot more to that than astrology, how was his relationship to his mother, did he feel loved as a child and so on.

  12. His sun is in cancer 3rd house. His relationship with his mother is very cold and distant due to being neglected as a child. He isn’t the most affectionate person

  13. Everybody can learn to love and be loved - if there's a will. Is there any chance he could adress the issues with his mother? He wants to love her, she wants to be loved by him. 🤷‍♂️ What's his rising sign?

  14. Theatrical romantic, I see rounded lines, petite and a trim shapely figure

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