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  1. Really struggling to find good new metal with clean vocals, and am looking for some suggestions.

  2. Did you ever listened to nevermore?

  3. If you back straight up you drop down. He would have been behind the other dude

  4. Nah I have a longer version of this clip and he's not down stairs. He disappeared.

  5. Hands down my favorite show out of all the times I've seen them. Highlight of the night: Anders patted my wife and I's heads as he sang.

  6. Deston is a fucking snooze fest even when hunting for people.

  7. I've been holding these fucking bags a while now. Looks all around weak to me.

  8. It is my favorite in flames song of all time as well.

  9. What happened with him? Always used to listen to this and HTWTS on the way to school.

  10. After helping the world to see, he became an emo goth chick and started making emo EDM music. I'm not even kidding.


  12. What do you want a buiotionerre?

  13. What is the best alternative to this sub to talk about more mainstream metal bands? I didn't realize this place was so restricted.

  14. Yeah. For instance, talking about the new in flames album here is probably instant delete despite the album being inflames best in 20 years and worth a listen.

  15. That album isn't out for another four months, though, so it might still turn out to be a turd like the last three albums. :P

  16. Yeah album not out yet but no denying the tracks so far are pre 2000 inflames.

  17. You know what the problem is? Spawn rates of loot. Go back to what the game was supposed to be where you had to use what you find until you kill someone. You shouldn't be able to find six of any gun in the first room you land.

  18. Willoftheson has no idea what he's talking about.

  19. It's likely a spinal issue near C5-C8 possibly due to the rapid extension likely being extension, horribly bad that it looks bilateral though

  20. Lul. It's a brain injury. At least Google the amount of cervical vertebrae one has before you pretend to be a reddit neurologist. Hint, it's not 8.

  21. Explain them selling 3m shares at garbage prices.

  22. I’m guessing you all live in houses with gutters. I did too for 20 years. Took them off and all my problems went away. They are an absolute nightmare and waste of time and money.

  23. You are either a troll or a moron. Which is it?

  24. If you listen closely you CLEARLY hear that the stun did not work. If you hear ringing that means the enemy was stunned. Have had this happen a few times they bug out and dont stun the enemy at all

  25. That is not true at all. If you hear ringing it's because the stun effected you. This is one of the funniest incorrect things I have ever read here.

  26. Driving through a wall is now post worthy? :/

  27. Market on close order you dipshits..this happens all the time.

  28. Reread the Twitter account dumb fuck

  29. Why is Aaron Rodgers in a jets jersey?

  30. What’s wrong with Alex Jones? He has predicted all the bullshit we’ve been through the past few years as far back as 2005. It’s all knee jerk reaction to what the media says. “Far right, Alt-right, conspiracy theorist”. Put aside all the smears in the media, his Trump support and watch his 2007 documentary, then tell me he isn’t damn near a prophet.

  31. I don't see them selling at these low prices... If they wanna get good tendies to address their debt they'll sell when the price is fucking high.

  32. Bet you didn't see them releasing a shit update with no actual news nor RC bail did you?

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