1. The Northman one shot of the Viking longship rowing down river that cranes over onto the ship

  2. Gonna have to see that shot again but I can imagine how clean it is

  3. That shared smile at the very end of 'Whiplash.'

  4. Just watched Brooklyn and Little Women recently. Good reminders of how fantastic Saoirse Ronan is

  5. The rankings are basically only useful for the convenience of the point im trying to make and that’s how it is 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. It would be easy to say something like Moonfall or Morbius but it’s honestly tied between don’t look up and Elvis for me because the expectations were set a lot higher than the former

  7. Kendall is like destined to get close and fail so he probably somehow fucks it up again

  8. Top gun, avatar, triangle of sadness was good but still. Elvis was a mess. The only reason the Batman isn’t it in is because there’s not Politcal benefit and it’s a super hero movie

  9. He should spend less money on power slap and more money on the ufc fighters.

  10. But 2 one dimensional shooters? And we’d be spending a high draft pick

  11. Jiri is the right answer but of these guys Ankalaev since he technically should have been champs by now

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