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  1. No idea how accurate or reliable these usually are but thought it's unusual to see them this even.

  2. Probably a good thing, I wouldn't trust an adult with all that shit in their house to look after a living thing. Cringe.

  3. Oh wow didn't know he was 31. But yeah can't wait to see him back in action and hope he doesn't need too long to get back into the swing of things.

  4. Wouldn't trust any of this guy's videos, pay any amount of attention to them and you'll see they're chock full of errors.

  5. The bending is completely pointless it doesn't make the tattoo look like it's moving or whatever they're trying to achieve lol.

  6. Forshaw + Firpo + Harrison to be sold + the lads on loan hopefully sold off

  7. Good, I hope it does change and I hope in turn most of you fuck off and this sub can go back to being about Leeds instead of being about USA! USA! USA! 🀒

  8. Get over it. Nobody is forcing you to be on Reddit. You choose to come here and then get triggered. Nobody's fault but yours

  9. Yeah I chose to come here years ago to be part of a community for the football club I support. You really think I'm the first person or unreasonable to be annoyed about something I've been a part of for ages becoming degraded and ruined?

  10. What do you hate the most about the 747 and what do you love the most about the 747?

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