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  1. Aren't the eagles ultimately under the command of the valar? And at some point the valar decide to not be part the doings of men and elves. So I thought it's implied that the eagles were forbidden to interfere.

  2. You might get a kick out of my Elden Ring review:

  3. Ds1? What skull? You mean ash lake?


  5. This just happened to me while i was summoned LOL

  6. A Jose Canseco bat? Tell me you didn’t pay money for this.

  7. Never lower your eyes to a good tmnt reference.

  8. I've always thought that the test for getting your driver license is too easy. When I took mine, years ago, they didn't even take me on the freeway during the test. I just drove on the calmest side streets, then did the maneuverability test.

  9. I'll die before I let cannons finish building in our logo!

  10. At least make all the crystal light blue. The dark blue ruins the pylon!

  11. Agree 100 percent. Third photo made me chuckle

  12. I must admit, thought i would eat there more, but food is $$, at least comapred to similar options

  13. What similar options cost less? Are you talking about McDonald's or Wendy's? If so, then the quality of food isn't close enough to compare them, in my opinion. Sheetz is way tastier and higher quality than the "similar options" I assume you're referring to. And Sheetz can't be more then 2$ or 3$ more than those options either. I just went there and got cheese stick and three sliders for less than 9$. A combo meal at McDs is like 7$.

  14. It says I already voted for all nations...

  15. It's also saying that I voted when I haven't.

  16. I think one thing that hurt viewership is Elden Ring coming out that same week. I know that I didn't watch the tourney because of it, whereas normally I would.

  17. Anything that ends in "ide" is a poison, remember that.

  18. That must be why Caesar got caught off guard! He was worried about poison, but it ended up being a stab in the back!

  19. Unless the transmission was around the time of testing, in which case hero and special wouldn’t have tested positive then, but might in a couple days.

  20. I am under the impression that if you got a booster and get exposed to covid, then you don't need to quarantine, but just make sure you mask up. This is assuming you have no symptoms.

  21. What is the favorite game of the Protoss race? Khala Duty.

  22. Here is Artosis playing in a casters invitational tournament:

  23. Maybe if morons with rage problems don’t reproduce this wouldn’t be a problem. Also maybe don’t incentivize negative social media this wouldn’t be a problem.

  24. Your comment seems like that of an enraged person.

  25. Purple and circle seem to rhyme the more I say them.

  26. I wonder what happens if you use battery overcharge on a shield battery, then do a double recall bug. Will we get a self healing carrier out of it? I'm too scared to test it out.

  27. It might be biting midges. Aka no-see-ums because theyre so small. They are really tiny flies that bite you.

  28. It doesn't because it's always true and therefore un-falsifiable.

  29. You either convince everyone in a reddit thread of something, or you rage-post enough to become the person who persuaded no one.

  30. It is strange that they all try to remove all fast clicking from the game. It is real time so fast clicking will always be important, players will get it to a stage where no matter the speed at which the game moves the faster player will be able to attack one more place and control units there more effectively even if this means battle in a 100 places.

  31. They probably want it to be played on phones.

  32. There is an interesting kind of RTS where the game is paused every X seconds and you give commands, then when both players give commands the units execute the commands at the same time for X seconds without input from the player. It can be very competitive and mobile friendly. I'd like to see someone aim a high-profile e-sport centric title at this type of game.

  33. That sounds like turn- based strategy, not real-time. It may still be competitive, but only in the strategic aspect. One thing that appeals to me about starcraft is that it takes a certain level of dexterity to execute quality plays, like physical sports.

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