1. I personally think he's just trying to avoid foul trouble, injuries, and fatigue. I think that all balances out with his other strengths, and that is intentional. Just my theory though.

  2. Lower east side, right off of Brady street.

  3. I would revisit that area and take a close look around for security cameras mounted to nearby buildings that look like they are pointed in the general direction of where you had it parked and see if you can contact the owners for footage from around the time you think it was stolen. Even if it doesn't show the car directly, it might offer some circumstantial clues (such as a shady tow truck driving around near the area). Just my two cents.

  4. We received several inches of snow a couple weeks before Thanksgiving but it melted already.

  5. This is like the 4th or 5th time I've seen this posted here in the past week but it keeps disappearong. What gives?

  6. First of all, weather forecasts are pretty damn accurate these days, it's recency bias that makes people think otherwise. Just because your phone's built in app said it was going to rain yesterday when it didn't doesnt mean weather forecasting sucks.

  7. I never really noticed that they have an Oryx head as a logo.

  8. Moses Lake, WA has an aircraft demolition/recycling operation?

  9. At least some of it probably slid down from the roof during emergency braking. But yeah, still doesn’t look good.

  10. A good reminder to all of us who drive in places where ice falls from the sky - clear all the snow off the top of your vehicle before operating it and not just off the glass.

  11. Please don't lift your cat like this, especially without supporting their back feet.

  12. Gonna be hard to fulfill those orders considering Boom doesn't have an engine supplier.

  13. I wanted to mention that yes we are indeed capturing them and having them and spayed/neutered so we don’t have another generation on our hands. But I do love them! and dinner time!

  14. What a handful of hungry cats lol. Thanks for taking care of them.

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