What's your plan if nuclear war breaks out between NATO and Russia?

*Lowers face into palm*

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  1. This is exactly what school teaches lmfao

  2. I don’t get why people listen to sad music when they are sad. Like doesn’t it make you more sad?

  3. It helps to know someone is going through or went through the same thing you are. Sometimes their lyrics can cut right into exactly how your feeling.

  4. So in a way it’s relatable to what has made you sad sometimes. That makes sense. Thanks!

  5. Let me use my telepathic powers to read this braille...

  6. To people posting who are saying “people who fall for scams are stupid” are not getting the point. By just letting these scammers tear the community apart is hurts the community. No matter how “stupid” the person is, most people are just trying to have a fun time and wouldn’t expect a scammer to ruin their day. So rather than just saying “oh those people are dumb for falling for that scam" instead try to help them by reporting the scammers. I do not suggest giving money in my opinion as you’ll just use up your own money.

  7. I feel your pain. I cant use certain cool big modpacks as just opening them makes minecraft not respond 3 times in a row(im surprised the modpack at least still loaded after 'application not responding'). What good modpacks are able to be run well on a slowish computer?

  8. This is like one of those moments where you feel like you will just walk off into a void and fall off the edge

  9. Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to

  10. “I would like to show you this feather”

  11. I bet you can sue a company for false advertizing

  12. just a random person in his goth phase

  13. "Hey mom, Look at what my cousin showed me!"

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