1. Have you been to Massachusetts? It's a bit of a drive but they have a lot of dispensaries Makes the drive back more enjoyable

  2. My friend I have nerve pain from muscular dystrophy. When it's really bad I use the honey, about a teaspoon full will make you forget about it.

  3. I wear my heart on my sleeve but I'm confused cuz that was the only remark I posted on this subject ?

  4. Yeah dont buy them. Big waste of money. Nothing like the carts POW has

  5. The honey was awesome! I just ate scoops of it and it tasted awesome and melted in my mouth. I think this was the first time I've had an edible with rosin. This was the third honey I've tried and it's probably my favorite, but the other two had more THC, at about 550 mg each compared to 440 here but as far as taste goes it's this, then Cure Ohio second and Grow Ohio third.

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