1. Many of the regular guy home theatres are curated over a long period of time. So someone’s home theater might be the result of 15yrs of upgrading and trading and hunting for deals.

  2. I did not find an alcoholic beverage that I enjoyed until almost 40yrs old. You might have to try a few more things.

  3. I have no clue how it could take $200k/month to provide for the kids. I’m not a fan of either of the parents but this is just silly.

  4. I’m very happy with my Logitech mx keys. If I didn’t have it then I would likely have a keychron.

  5. Looks like you are missing the bridges that should connect the terminals. You can just take a short piece of speaker wire and bridge them yourself. Connect the black to black and red to red. This is in addition to the wire you already have there.

  6. How could you possibly confirm that it’s a neighbor?

  7. I’ve only dropped a transmission once. Went smoothly until I had to reinstall. I could not get the shaft to align with the clutch for anything. I struggled with it but eventually got it. I think that I had a sloppy clutch alignment tool and it contributed to the headaches.

  8. I don't see why only 8 drives would need z3. In order for a z2 array to fail, you would need 3 out of 8 drives to die. That seems incredibly unlikely.

  9. If you are her retirement plan then you will struggle in your own retirement and pass that generational burden onto your own future kids.

  10. Comments still apply for your future. Future with a partner. And same sex couple does not mean no kids. Unless you have decided that you never want kids or a partner with kids.

  11. Black and decker was quality in your grandpas day. Not so much these days.

  12. So you bought a motorcycle with 4 wheels :). Well done…

  13. Take a look at Andersen windows. They do not subcontract the install. So if there is a problem, they claim no finger pointing.

  14. No. Drop in a bottle of fuel system cleaner once a year.

  15. Roth Ira right now and another on Jan 1. That takes care of 12k. I would also buff the emergency fund, maybe get something nice for yourself or family and dollar cost average the remainder into the market.

  16. Looks like wharfdale does a poor job packaging their product for shipment.

  17. I recently purchased the Elysian 2s with stands. All excellently packaged. DPD managed to break both stands which was quite an achievement. Never underestimate the ability of a courier to fuck up.

  18. I think we can agree more bracing was needed here to put more space between the outer box and item. My svs sb4000 box arrived beat to crap but it had plenty of bracing and double boxed so not a scratch on the sub.

  19. I consider it to be a sign of respect to try to pronounce someone’s name correctly. Some foreign names can be challenging at first because there may be sounds that do not come naturally, but again, it’s a sign of respect.

  20. But what is the “correct” way? Some names exist across languages, but are pronounced differently in each language.

  21. I just ask someone the correct pronunciation. It’s nothing to be embarrassed by.

  22. This father wants his daughter to be treated a certain way. He also thinks highly enough of you to help you do that. I have daughters myself.

  23. It should be fine , but if you are not using it very soon, I would toss it.

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