1. Man hated us so much he decided to.... eat one?

  2. He is one of us. He is a gay man. He is a self hating gay man like Jeffrey Dahmer.

  3. Dahmer wasn’t a self-hating gay though. He was out to most people and referred to himself as gay.

  4. In some of his documentaries, it was shown that Dahmer would be filled with self-loathing right after he had sex with a man and that was when he would beat and strangle the man. This is most likely due to his strict Christian parents who made him feel like a sinner for having homosexual sex.

  5. No. Forget about her and find another escort that doesn't ask for a deposit.

  6. Maybe everyone is afraid to make negative comments, so you live in an echo chamber

  7. That's interesting. I have a hard time getting excited about the vast majority of Toyotas. The Supra and the discontinued FJ are about the only ones that could really get me going.

  8. How about the GR Corolla with 300 hp and the ability to send 70 percent of the power to the rear? How about the Camry TRD with the V6 engine, the only midsize car with a big beefy V6?

  9. I drove the new 86 last week. It’s fun. But I ended up buying a Miata that cost slightly more. It’s more fun.

  10. I also noticed that the dash and doors are high but I just lifted my seat up which improved visibility a lot. I had to lift the seat up anyway because I'm very short.

  11. im a gay man and I'll down to have a threesome with you, gary, and myself.

  12. As a WSB regular, the truth is that none of us want to lose money. It sucks. Especially if you lose your life savings which many people do every day.

  13. It almost seems like some of the people who start these threads are trolling.

  14. 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage is a great option. It's affordable, reliable, very fuel efficient, and comes with a 10 year warranty. Even the base trim has reverse camera, apple carplay, android auto, power windows, power locks etc.

  15. Reverse cam is not a feature lol it's mandatory in the usa

  16. True you're right. The reason I mentioned it is because the kind of buyer who looks at buying a new Mirage likely has a tight budget and maybe considering used cars as well. Now, most of these used cars won't have a reverse camera. Therefore, that's one advantage of buying a brand new Mirage over an used car.

  17. so what should I do now? Lost 10 thousand dollars in the past 4 weeks.

  18. Yo every thing isn't a conspiracy. Sometimes the markets are just boring. Enjoy the profits on CCs and CSPs while theta wastes them away. Keep some shares liquid if you wanna participate in violent up swings.

  19. Part 2 yup just checked it out. You can roll into the Oct 14 exp for 60 bucks if you're avoiding assignment.

  20. thank you! Should I use the same strike price aka 29 dollars?

  21. 3 cars this month total. 2 were special requests from customers(late model Land Rovers) and 1 was to a friend. Otherwise getting no other traffic.

  22. Makes no sense. We're in an extreme seller's market. People can cut back on spending all they want but a car is a necessity, like food and water. You don't cut that back. You need a car to go to work, buy groceries, and drop off your kids at school.

  23. Yeah but with rising interest rates and everything just getting more expensive. People are just holding on to what they have until things become more economically stable.

  24. Yeah I get what you mean. It does suck. Glad your dealership is still doing relatively well.

  25. Makes sense considering that both Buddhism and Hinduism are religions founded in India. India also has the highest percentage of vegetarians in the whole world.

  26. Also given Buddhism is an offshoot of Hinduism / Buddha was born hindu

  27. I really don’t know how anyone could think a FRBRZ86 looks like a Porsche at all. The entire body shape is completely different than anything offered by Porsche.

  28. Really? The toyobaru twins are frequently compared to the Porsche Cayman.

  29. Had a 2020 Corolla SE in that kinda metallic blue color, but this Saturday I’ll be the new owner of a FIAT 124 Spider Abarth! It was actually the GR86 that really gave me the itch to get a sporty 2 seater haha

  30. 2020 Corolla SE sedan in Blueprint is a sexy looking car! No wonder you thought the GR86 looked similar.

  31. Umm, here in my country we call it (translation) "holding the candle", because you stay there holding the candle for the romantic dinner of the two hahaha

  32. No, Brazil. They say that on somalia too?

  33. I'll be shocked if OP's new car is the new Chevy Spark. I mean it's not an expensive car anyways as OP said she and her husband are barely making end meet 🤷‍♂️

  34. I don't know what either of OP's cars are but I don't think it's the Chevy Spark. She mentioned that the second car she bought was an used car from a Honda dealership.

  35. I know. I believed you. Your Spark Aficionado is still relevant here LOL.

  36. Right on brother! Simple affordable fuel efficient entry level cars like the Mitsubishi Mirage, Chevy Spark etc. are even more precious now because there are so few of them still around. Indeed, we shall defend them.

  37. Can i be annoying and argue the Bezos point? The Bezos were married before they got rich right? So she was there from the start, not married in later.

  38. when it comes to purely sex, perhaps, but not when it comes to selecting a life partner/wife. Then men can be very hard to get.

  39. Facts! Surprised no one else mentioned this yet lol. Not to take away from OPs weight loss but compliments from providers at AMPs, escorts, strippers, etc are basically meaningless. Tell them you have no money and see if the compliments keep coming in lol

  40. It was the new grad one. I just finished my master’s degree.

  41. Nice! Double congrats then for your master's degree and your lovely new hybrid SUV!

  42. I got a 500 dollar rebate as well. I am sure I overpaid for some things. It was a little under 38.5k for the Hybrid SE. Considering the used ones in my area were going for more than that. I was fine with the price.

  43. You definitely made the smart choice by buying new rather than paying more for an used hybrid rav4.

  44. I would definitely buy new for MSRP and avoid used. Used cars are overpriced. You mentioned that you'll try to buy an used car for under 10k but finding a reliable one in decent shape with that budget will be very very hard.

  45. Best value is the 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander. 3rd row is cramped but enough for children and short people.

  46. Looking for something to travel comfortably in with 6 adults so this might be a tad small

  47. Ahh ok that changes things. Does it have to be an SUV? Minivan like a Sienna, Odyssey, Carnival, or Pacifica would be ideal for 6 adults.

  48. In that XLE package, I think I would like to have the Remote connect service and auto-dimming rearview mirror. This is my first car so I don't have much experience in this yet. I also don't drive every day, maybe just for weekend/grocery trips and road trips a few times a year (maybe ~10k mile or less per year). That's why I hesitate to spend $40k for a car that I won't use that much. But I do want to have a car. Should I just get a used car, or a gas one instead of a hybrid one? Used cars are a bit overpriced right now. What do you think?

  49. Average new car price is 48K so paying 38K for a brand new 2023 Camry XLE Hybrid is decent.

  50. If I just drive 10k miles or less per year, should I still get the hybrid? It seems that the hybrid only helps to save me (10,000/38 - 10,000/47)*$5.8 = $300/year. Saving $300/year while it costs $3000 more to buy, which will take me ~10 years to break even? It doesn't seem to worth it? Am I wrong or missing anything here?

  51. You're assuming gas prices will remain constant for 10 years. Chances are, gas prices will increase in time, increasing your savings per year.

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