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  1. They did not. Suspension components are in the same place as the original car (but beefed up and changed), it's just that track and wheels are wider:

  2. The American Dodgeball Association of America!

  3. It’s what thestraightpipes said 🤷‍♂️

  4. Omg dude, I played with that toy for longer than any of them. Damn what a trip haha

  5. As an older millennial I think about this often. We watched the stooges, Brady bunch, Mr Ed, and had a common link w our parents and grandparents culturally bc of it. Largely bc everyone owned limited media, or it was broadcast on limited channels. With the advent of on demand and even streaming or youtube channels, Gen Z and beyond have litetally millions of channels to watch, but nothing unifies them to older generations or even themselves. I don't know if this ever changes now, but some of my favorite memories were watching the Stooges w my dad and grandpa, and then acting it out randomly bc we had that cultural tie together.

  6. I'm not saying it isn't possible, I'm saying it was just what everyone only had access to back then.

  7. What? Did you reply to the wrong comment?

  8. Having lived in a snowy country, these are a lot cheaper for the winter than paying for a plow service and can save you a ton of time in the morning if you need to get to work after snowfall.

  9. I've heard the opposite from people who own the system.

  10. Yeah I’ve been keen to try it I’ve never had it before but I can get actual meat for the same price

  11. I would try the 25% less sodium one.

  12. Drugged up wrestler “that’s just the sport we play, sometimes the better fighter doesn’t win”

  13. Wait, doesn't it affect only starting cash and cash from pops? And maybe end of round cash?

  14. Supply drops from snipers and helicopters are the same. Druid is the same, farm is the same.

  15. Ok so engineers are work too. I’ll remember that, thank you!

  16. A few months before I left my last job, a new rule was set in place where anyone who was driving a company vehicle must back into their parking spots, anywhere they go.

  17. I had a rule like this with a work truck. Once I got into the habit of it, I started doing it in my own car.

  18. None. It seems pointless in a tent with any sort of exhaust system. Something bubbling CO2 from fermentation isn't going to produce anywhere near enough to keep up with a fan moving a hundred cubic feet of air per minute, and even if it could, it would be be incredibly dangerous.

  19. To add to this, you need to use compressed CO2 to have any real impact.

  20. I think we were going to keep either him or Hock, and Hocks gone, so Williams stays.

  21. Lost more drug tests then khabib lost rounds,committed over 60 fouls including eye pokes, given a robbery win against reyes and arguably Gus and Thiago.

  22. Wins vacant belt fighting a real estate agent, defends 3 times

  23. I much prefer both to saloons in terms of looks.

  24. Saloons over hatches and wagons for me.

  25. Great grow dude! You must be super happy.

  26. What is the actual proof that his fights are fixed besides gut feeling from some people? I saw his rematch with Woodley live and the KO looked real to me. I've heard people say that he gets people to sign non-disclosure agreements to fix fights, but that doesn't make any sense. You can't enter into an agreement to engage in something illegal and then expect the contract to do something illegal to hold up in court. As far as I can tell, Jake Paul has used a combination of great matchmaking (cherry-picking), funding high-level training camps, and putting in a lot of hard work to actually win his fights. He's still a douchebag, but I think he's legitimately winning his fights until someone can provide concrete proof to the contrary.

  27. Dude is 4-0 in UFC. Hasn't faced much diversity regarding the 'mixed' part of martial arts.

  28. I think he smokes a BJJ dude, I can’t even think of who would qualify as that anymore.

  29. I was going to compare the top 10 in silvas day vs top 10 mw today to make a point about the modern fighters being better but then I looked at the top 10 of that Era... holy shit the line up ain't bad. TRTor Belfort, chael the GOAT sonnen, Damien Maia, bisbing, mark munoz, yushin Okami etc.

  30. Yeah there’s just a lot of disrespect forwards fighters once they decline.

  31. Oh. And car net sometimes doesn’t remote start the car. Other than that I haven’t had any issues

  32. Scrolled way too far down to find the army ranger.

  33. They’re great for breakfast burritos

  34. I’ve seen khabib translate for Islam at pressers before. His English has gotten a lot better tho. I bet it’s just good business to interview khabib and have him on camera as much as possible

  35. "fake tough guy business" chael sonnen

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