Ohtani strikes out his Angel teammate Mike Trout for the final out and wins the WBC for Japan!

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  1. Lakers also had 38 points in the paint compared to Suns 20. Wild how a team that drives more gets more FTs

  2. You’re straight up lying, Lakers had 50, Suns had 44

  3. I just don’t think the Kings have good enough defense

  4. I’ll take an experienced team with a slightly worse offense and better defense over an unexperienced team with the best offense and bad defense

  5. Just listed out every team and thought of the Trail Blazers last

  6. All fouls called for AR today are all legit, is there a questionable call?


  8. They really called a TO with 1.7 seconds left to hit a 3 so they could pretend it was a legit 2 point game and “protest”, lamest shit I’ve ever seen


  10. Imagine if you just posted this initially instead of a low res video from a bad angle

  11. The foul was clear as day on either link lmao maybe don't make comments when you watch on a phone.

  12. Well the video shows Demar hitting the ball out with his right hand before the left arm contact, so it’s not easy to tell (the pic is after that as well). And I did not watch it on my phone.

  13. Underwhelmed after reading the title

  14. We went up 28-2 against the Nets last year

  15. Literally anything in the gameplay sphere at all. CS GO had new weapons and utility alongside engine changes and skin economy existing and what not. CS 2 has literally just smokes. Are people genuinely gonna try to tell me that "THE NEW UI LOOKS SO PROMISING MAN" like i dont give a shit, i want the game to actually be different.

  16. So by extension if he gets credit when they play well by raising guys, he’s also to blame for the skid from those guys not playing well right? Or is it only picking and choosing when that works

  17. Biggest winner of the game: Immanuel Quickley’s 6MOY bid

  18. Also had 40/11/6 against the Knicks, but we all know how that game ended..

  19. This is by far the worst officiated game I’ve seen this year

  20. Don't know what is being said but I'm hyped

  21. 4 straight 100mph pitches then a nasty slider to end it

  22. He said Jokic’s name last which means he thinks he’s the least deserving of the 4 !!

  23. Brogdon has actually been a sixth man, Quickley has started way too many games

  24. I thought it was a bit more, but still, Brogdon hasn’t started any. I feel like Quickley only recently got into the 6MOY race because of his games as a starter

  25. Most racists don’t know they’re racist. They believe the shit in their head is truth and they think that they’re “just being honest”. So for them, it’s not racism, it’s reality.

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