1. When do you think we should expect them to have closed in?

  2. That's not what this story is saying. You can be pissed off at FTX, rich people, massive frauds, whatever -- that doesn't make this Intercept story "news" (or, particularly well written).

  3. You really need to find an attorney in his area ASAP, there is no other option.

  4. What is scary is 23% don't. Same MAGA number every time.

  5. FWIW, it's probably like 13%. As a general rule, 10% or so of people who answer polls just like to fuck with the poll.

  6. Why these states would oppose an enforcement program that is proving successful is beyond my comprehension

  7. My guess is that since border crossings are at an all time high, they don't think it's successful because it is going down from a couple of countries that were a minisicule portion of the problem to begin with.

  8. I don't know either. But I almost feel like they have to have some sort of a plan. Just sticking there while they're surrounded and not have some sort of plan against it seems really weird to me. There has to be a reason.

  9. You feel like they have to = you want to believe

  10. Orc_ says:

    People like you get really silent in an offensive then start barking again with some nothingburger town like Lysychansk or Bakhmut is taken.

  11. So if you looked at my comments over time you think that statement would be proved or disproved?

  12. russia is not even close to being a counterweight at anything see the following link

  13. Oh, so all these stories about Russia's activities in central Africa right now are false?

  14. people in central africa drink coke not vodka and propping up dictators is CIA morning routine.

  15. huh, well good to know that all the recent stories about Russia's influence in Africa are bullshit.

  16. No rational person would be married to that crazy woman.

  17. No one cares what the pretend doctor thinks, besides kentucky hillbillies.


  19. The new clubs in Newark and Chicago are great, but they use very inefficient seating. One person taking up a couch that fits three. It creates crowding that shouldn't be there. As an aside, why post as a throwaway. Are you not supposed to be in United Clubs? :)

  20. I was in the new chicago one Friday afternoon, in many respects great but also bizarre, there was a section of booths that were seemingly made for midgets

  21. I'm wondering why every pro ua is referencing that one picture when it's so obvious that it's fake.

  22. It’s not fake, it’s just not him, it’s another guy

  23. Wow, now I see saving private Ryan in a whole new light. I used to admire them for pressing forward up the heights while wounded were falling all over .

  24. These guys are not attacking, they are retreating lol. Literally leaving their wounded behind to die

  25. Sure, and the fact that Russia claims to have destroyed 6 Ukrainian aircraft this month is just proof of how weak the Ukrainian air force is. Please ignore the fact that according to Russia, Ukraine apparently still had 6 aircraft that they used to launch attacks against Russian positions despite 11 months of the war.

  26. Do you have a video of a ukranian plane attacking Russian positions?

  27. No, but I also don't have videos of Russian planes attacking Ukrainian positions but that doesn't mean it isn't happening. Besides, if even the Russian MoD is saying that Ukraine still has planes flying about then why would I take your word over theirs and literally every other nation that is involved in this war in any way?

  28. Did k say Ukraine doesn’t have planes flying about?

  29. I believe the myth busters basically rules this out as a possibility

  30. Meh. If you take a United coded flight on Austrian or Lufthansa you get a better meal.

  31. Link it, or tell me what to google to find it. I specifically tried to find his LinkedIn and couldn't.

  32. I did. There are no archived LinkedIn profiles to find. Again, link me to something you're looking at if you have it.

  33. Thank you, maybe I’ve been fooled, I’ll take a look at your conspiracy thread.

  34. Let's remove all requirements to carry a gun, flood urban streets with cheap guns, prevent local police from enforcing gun rules, strip funding from urban areas and just use it for the taxes generated.

  35. I mean, I generally agree with you about these police’s, but north St. Louis gun crime has nothing to do with the fairly recent relaxation of gun laws

  36. Once again, are we conveniently ignoring the Soviet Union, as long as you aren't comparing 250 years of US history to 25 years of Russian history I think you will find "Russia" is just as bad ..

  37. Ok let’s choose a timeframe. What time frame would you like to look at?

  38. Oh wait, we are limiting ourselves to the past 30 years, cool, I will see your Afghanistan and Iraq and raise you a Georgia and Chechnya

  39. I’m curious because maybe I missed some of the posts, but didn’t anyone accuse her of over-reacting?

  40. I mean, the argument was that neither Ukraine nor Russia have made a formal declaration of war. Idk what Swiss policy says, if it requires a declaration or just ongoing conflict to would preclude weapons.

  41. “Formal” declaration or war means nothing. By that standard the US hasn’t been at war since Ww2

  42. Good thing you are an expert on Swiss legal terms

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