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  1. Only if you are offering popcorn. Need something to munch on 😉

  2. Hmmm. With this story and your dozens of edging posts, I strongly suspect you majored in sex education. 😉

  3. Hi :) Lately I've been yearning to start a family. I'm 27, never been married and have no kids. I am 5'8 and 130 lbs. Dress size US 2. Shoe size US women's 10. Ring finger size 7. Lol. I'm tall for a girl so I prefer men who are at least 6'1, (especially when it comes to breeding, I want to give my kids the best chance at being tall because I love being tall). I really want like 3 or 4 kids.

  4. Let me post it for you. “Save a horse. Ride a cowboy.” That wasn’t so bad now, was it?

  5. It is amazing that the camera was there when your robe slipped off 😉

  6. Good morning. Don’t forget to fully dress before you leave home.

  7. For hours? Will there be potty breaks? This is a deal breaker 😉

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