1. Try the HikingAlberta subreddit, they’ll likely have better suggestions for you

  2. What area are you hiking in? What type of terrain? Do your feet run wide or narrow? I have wide feet, I don’t need waterproof and I don’t need boots - I usually stay with Merrells, but have used Saucony, Altra and tried Topo in the past. My narrow footed friends like Salomon. If you can give some details, you could get some better suggestions.

  3. 23 seems old to you because it’s the oldest you’ve ever been, and you’re maybe nearing/recently graduated post secondary education so it seems like this is supposed to be “real life” now.

  4. Are you walking in 4 days and setting up a base camp or are you along a path that’s consistently 4 days out? Base camp is likely doable even though it’ll suck but if you’re carrying full load for 3 weeks I’d set up food caches if possible.

  5. What area of Canada are you in? If you have beginner backpacking experience and live in the Maritimes that’s going to be far different than experience and ability to train in the Rockies. Is it possible yes, should you maybe choose the PCT or AT first - also likely yes. If you happen to be in the Rockies look at section hiking some of the GDT to get a feel for it.

  6. YouTube - Homemade Wanderlust has an entire AT series and more videos about all things thru -hiking; Darwin’s old stuff may be helpful for gear reviews. Lots of hikers every year vlog their hikes - for better or worse - and most start with gear. Taylor the Nahamsha hiker had good videos on a Nobo in the 2021 season I think and looked at gear afterwards.

  7. I think a Dr is your best bet but I will say I used to be a runner and had this issue with anything over about 12km - and it would continue for a couple hours afterwards. Saw a dietician, turns out I wasn’t eating enough to fuel my runs - not enough before, during, or throughout my day. Fine tuned it so I ate something every 45mins while running, upped my carbs throughout the day, and could manage no problem. As a hiker, I need to eat every 1-2hrs depending on output, in addition to managing electrolytes.

  8. If they’re for chronic issues, sure - I’m not sure how great they’ll be after cooking in your backpack. Look into the amounts of drugs you can bring with you

  9. Already have my order in! It’s great to see a Canadian company making awesome products. Your support and knowledge are first class - no matter where somebody posts a question I see you popping in to answer. Keep up the great work!

  10. Cats are usually pretty easy to find - no need to travel that far unless you’re looking for something specific. Since you’re in the city, the SPCA is likely the easiest. You probably won’t need to look much further but CARMA is a legit organization that has a Truro chapter. PetValu and PetSmart often work with adoption groups and have cats in store who are available for adoption.

  11. I spent 2 years trying to love Altras - if I could keep that sweet toe box but have an 8mm drop I’d be so happy. My feet are wide but also thick, Topos were not happening for me. My solution has been ordering men’s wide Hokas and I’ve actually had good success with Merrell Yokota E mesh for trails - a bit heavier but the mesh upper gives me some extra room for the Shrek feet.

  12. I’m a couple years in and what I’ve learned is it made me happier because it let me avoid all the things I should have been dealing with through the years. The difference has been astounding to me - when I didn’t use alcohol as a coping mechanism it really showed where my lack of communication and emotional coping skills were impacting my life. I engage and handle things more appropriately rather than just react to them, I’m not waiting for the evening drinks to wash away the feelings. And I’m far from perfect, I’m still working on how to manage the hard parts of life but damn if I’m not proud of myself for how far I’ve come. To me that’s the difference between the happiness alcohol provides and the deep confidence of truly enjoying my life.

  13. I think if you cruise some lighterpack lists you can quickly get an idea of what most people are using.

  14. I mostly rely on clothing - sun hoodie, pants, hat; for anything else I use a small stick of sun block - it’s like 13g. I apply and then rub it with my hands and come out looking vaguely white/grey/purple due to the zinc or titanium base but meh, who cares. I’ve never had it melt or break, it’s light, and it lasts a while

  15. Thanks everyone - I’m from the East Coast and while we have snow, ice and slush we don’t get nearly this cold. My car doesn’t have a block heater, and I don’t have the ability to plug it in anyway but the car and battery are both new - we may have to just see how we make out this year and make adjustments next year

  16. The Calgary Public Library is amazing!! You can get free wifi, use their computers or borrow one, print like 50 pages a month, there’s lessons and musical instruments, and so many things! And it’s free to join!

  17. To see how far I can go and what my body can do (even tho currently it ain’t much). It’s the only time I feel like I can breathe normally, where I don’t feel irritated and tense - it just feels like home

  18. Yes it would be CB and Sydney I’d go between for work. Sorry I should’ve been clearer.

  19. So just to clear this up from the above post, Sydney (pop 30k) is the city, it is on Cape Breton Island (pop 100k)- a part of Nova Scotia.

  20. I’m in your boat - earned myself some substantial injuries at 40 that may completely ruin my ability for a thru hike but I’ve got a 5 year rehab/rebuild/refinance plan and then I’m going to try anyway - because I figure that’s the only way I’ll know if I can do it or not.

  21. You are in a crisis situation and need emergency help - emergency room, crisis hotline - whatever, but you need immediate help in the same way as if you were having a heart attack. It won’t fix it all overnight, but it will get you through today.

  22. I’m going to answer as though you aren’t trolling and are genuinely looking for help.

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