1. I remember reading crutchfield magazines in the late 90’s and would day dream about all the gear in there (which looking back was funny because it’s not impressive by todays standards) and it led to an almost obsession.

  2. It's honestly great that your excitement and passion hasn't wavered

  3. I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going to tell you that nothing compares to having a large screen. They are correct. Others will say nothing compares to the inky blacks, They are also correct. Myself, picture quality is what I want.

  4. For screens this small tv make way more sense.

  5. Feel like I need to clarify since your trying to speak for everyone.

  6. Lol. Anything someone corrects internet grammar you know they don’t have a legit argument.

  7. All discs. But after leaving it for a few hours the color effect went away, but it was still 4:3 480p. Going to settings and changing it to 1080p fixed this.

  8. Did you state which projector you are using?

  9. I have an Epson Home Cinema 2150. It’s always had weird issues with ARC. Seems to be another one.

  10. I would believe it’s an issue with your projector and settings before I would believe it’s the Panasonic player

  11. The 3800 will get Dirac. It’s a superior option for the money.

  12. I personally don’t like putting game consoles at the top of racks. No reason to pour heat from other gear onto your PS5

  13. Dude I don’t care what anyone says.

  14. I too, want to see this space.

  15. Satin wrap just looks so cool!

  16. I’m the states the 790 is several years old and not at all the same as the XW7000

  17. Some ambient lighting at the bar 35’ away from the couch. Just saying the room wouldn’t be theater levels of dark but with enough projector lumens along with short throw, I would still be good to go

  18. I really hate going down this rabbit hole.

  19. It’s fine man we don’t have to go down any rabbit holes. Just looking for some advice/weighing some options with some people that know a little more about this stuff than I. Mainly looking at the BenQ TK700STi and the Optoma UHD35STx

  20. UST is a compromise all around. Terrible contrast, focusing issues that radiate outwards, and lots of other things.

  21. First, anyone who goes to a movie theater has experience with a high-end projector. Second, I wouldn't call an 85" OLED "small." My profession is film and television production so I've been critically analyzing imaging technologies for the better part of 30 years. Projection truly is more "theater-like" because that is the technology actual movie theaters use. I get that. But I think saying a projected image is "absolutely better for home theaters" assumes everyone has the same luxuries of room size you do. From the standpoint of pure image quality at the same picture size? OLED. Hands down.

  22. If you could step down from your soap box for a moment I’d like to share some things with you.

  23. Then I think we are fundamentally in agreement.

  24. Probably. Just remember what sub Reddit you are in.

  25. I have an Epson 5050ub projector that’s professionally calibrated. Still don’t like HDR.

  26. Yeah your aren’t really getting HDR. I wouldn’t judge it based off of your experience.

  27. Don’t blame any AVR for CEC being garbage functionality

  28. Holy hell. Admittedly don’t know much about the screws but they can seriously support that with no problem? That’s gotta be an insane amount of torque on the rear right? 😅. Obviously I guess people have done it for decades now so it must work. But 😅😳

  29. It more has to do with how well the chassis of the gear and reck ears are.

  30. The SCL7’s are usually used for surrounds.

  31. I did not request anything besides the intention of putting a smart lock on it.

  32. Does this door have 5 bolts?

  33. That change’s absolutely everything. Really needed to be part of the original post.

  34. The consensus is that they are always more expensive and much less effective than non in wall versions.

  35. Yes, I definitely understand though I have to complete this room first, with the in-wall solutions, as unobtrusively as possible. I can as free-standing or concealed sub’s after, that’s a lot easier to answer from experience.

  36. The best in wall I’ve ever used was a JBL in wall.

  37. Did you wire the room originally?

  38. No sir. Bought the home exactly as shows here. New construction

  39. Well then not much you can do. If you are going projector why do you want gear at the front of the room anyways?

  40. I work in commercial AV and have access to all crestron software. Programming up a small program and control each zone from my phone or tablet was my baseline. Original plan included a digital media matrix for full control for each room dynamic for consoles and movies but I scrapped that since I don’t game that much and streaming has taken over..

  41. Well that changes things. Regular home owners shouldn’t consider that path for themselves. Obviously you have an advantage.

  42. You l curious how you came up with the crestron plan

  43. Very good job. In the future be mindful of of too much weight that the top.

  44. A return is what you submit to the IRS

  45. Skip the two ceiling speakers.

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