concerted manipulation

For an especially amazing showing.

Did somebody say 'Murica?

A glowing commendation for all to see

  1. lol watch gamestop open up a pot/gaming lounge thing

  2. alot of it is back n forth trading to keep the price from running to far. Imagine it like someone standing on the brakes of a car. eventually the brakes will over heat. patience.

  3. Either a fake squeeze to test paperhands or more short and distort. Either way we know their playbook.

  4. this is the kind of art that Gets them.

  5. the dog is whining because he knows something big is on the horizon.

  6. HOLY FAWK where do we get this hold music soundtrack!

  7. possible cell phone cache glitch

  8. be greedy when others are fearful

  9. what was the name of the song that played during this scene?

  10. the free cheat is actuall "i think" the intel graphics analyzer tool, which can make a game display as wireframe which can give you a sort of wall hack. its a tool ment for debugging but people use it for other purposes .

  11. This method of cheating was ancient when the world was young. It's such an old tech that it was legit in the old old versions of Microsoft's Minesweeper. No joke:

  12. i mentioned it earlier in the thread.

  13. Wow you did! I'm glad it's not just me that remembers that stuff. I guess I shouldn't be shocked cheat developers remembered it too

  14. its a very good example of how you can have a cheat right in your face and not even see it. your friends could be sitting RIGHT next to you and you could trick them into thinking you are just REALLY good at minesweeper

  15. happened to a friend of mine. when DMZ on warzone 2.0 does it you get alill grouchy. when tarkov does it you get pretty frustrated.

  16. I'm not sure I understand this post. Can you clarify?

  17. intel provide a tool you can download that allows you to make a game you are playing go full wire frame. this tool also if the correct older version of it is used. very unlikely to trip anti-cheat. it has however in the past tripped it but not yielded in full bans to the accounts that tripp'd it

  18. 1911 45 pistol + some 45 fmj, if you wanna get fancy throw in the 11 round mag off peace keeper and some ergonomic upgrades. that gun will rip just about anyone apart if you mag dump into them within 50 meters. most of my cheap pmc raids are that pistol. 3 mags and a basic tac rig and a balaclava to hide my face. no armor, no helmet, no backpack, nice n lite.


  20. why shoulder cams? i want a camera on a tripod that doesnt move showing your ENTIRE gaming setup and ALL your screens. this is just a small step in the right direction for streamer transparency.

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