"Instead of forcing their DTCC participants holding the short positions (failures to deliver) to deliver the missing dividend shares of Coil, the DTCC management told Grifco to contact the shareholders that didnt receive their dividends to sign a waiver waiving their right to these dividends. "

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  1. Whenever there's a clear line between east and west that shows eastern europe to be safer by 10x, the data is clearly bullshit.

  2. N-o, it’s not. Take a vacation in Romania for example and let us know if you ever see something illegal or dangerous for our life or someone else.Is hard to believe that wealthier countries are more dangerous, but here we are, Eastern Europe didn’t accepted the South Ecuador invasion.

  3. My friend, I own a transport company, we never do breaks in France for example, every time we get ou curtains cuttings, cab robbed or driver smoked in his own cab to the dead sometimes, do you want me to attach here videos with who is responsible? Hitting the trucks, killing drivers also??? Is easy to be ignorant when you are in your bubble…let’s say you father is going to work, and he get 3 punctures in his heart because he wanted to take a piss and the robbers got scared and put the knife in his heart…

  4. "Everyone congrats you for been pregnant/ successful but nobody knows how many times you were fuckd."

  5. Fuck this guy. He repeadedly told the public that Ukraine is loosing no matter what. He sure has no clue what he is talking about. I could even imagine that he is paid to have a certain opinion in order to lower morale

  6. Because he thinks the whole world is like political class in Germany, with their tongue in PUTLER'S ass, the most racist country in the Europe. Enjoy been mocked, they helped the Ukraine the least in EU and also buying the most Gas from Russia.Go under with them.I'm from RO.

  7. FTX has apparently done some shit that is even too sketchy for a sketchy crypto bank. So they are dropping those bags off for FTX to hold. Something about minting your own crypto, taking loans against that crypto, and then lending out that same crypto.

  8. That's funny because Binance helped Iran to dodge USA restrictions with more than 8 billions...Soo, is Binance decentralized and autonom by any countries in the world?

  9. Daytrading GME? Dude, there’s a reason we preach „buy, hodl, DRS“ daily. Hope you didn’t loose too much.

  10. In January was the wild west mate, back then we didn`t know much, after that the DDs`s come and we learned all the shenanigans.He is telling us that he learned, growth, and have a mission now, like most of us who have been there

  11. We don't care how your government thinks about us, is irrelevant, our problem is our sht weak politicians who doesn't put the foot on your ambassador neck!

  12. Asa convingi o alta natie ca esti civilizat si ca meriti. Prin violenta good job

  13. Daca un speech pentru apararea tarii tare in fata celor care iti manjesc numele in noroi si te fac de tot rasul pentru ca au fost primii in Schengen in cazul de fata, insemana violența...I'm sorry for you family and your kid's...Better a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war, snowflake

  14. After reading this I'm convinced that we are not alone in this, but we are the vanguard, the first movers, we can't be intimidated, blackmailed or destroyed. We have more liquid money then any others companies that rried before us!

  15. With what money are they going to buy back the short positions?

  16. With DTCC Money, 63 trillions in insurance + 4 trillions i think from government. All in the DD

  17. Hi mate,we are a transport company specialized on UK EU routes. If you need to send any pallet outside UK into EU by road, let me know

  18. It's literally not, you can move on or try to find another truck etc... We cant drop trailer and find new one. If they wont unload us for 10 days, we need to wait... Yo don't need to hold on a one carrier

  19. Actually not, if on the order say "Unloading today" and delivery is in 5 days,we ask the warehouse to write on our CMR the date and hour of the booking. Ask the broker if he is willing to pay 750euro/day demurrage,if not or don't respond,we find a warehouse,leave the cargo there until we have a deal. Grow some balls

  20. “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy” or some shit like that

  21. Who's your employer?who is making money off your work? Who is responsible for paying your salary? Why you don't scream at your employer to have a better heart and you call out people who are there just to eat? Is not your salary added in the cost of the food? I always leave tips, but here i do it because I like it and no one expects it,is just money on top of a living wage.

  22. I built three work camps right next to each other. If I see a gap where they've cut down some trees I grab the oak tree decoration and just spam the empty areas. I should be getting yearly good amounts of wood.

  23. So they are legal Immigrants. That's a highly important distinction

  24. They are ''special'' immigrants getting to stau by misleading and counterfeit events, but you can love them further, let me know ow when you'll have some.e daughters

  25. No need for quotation marks, they really are refugees. It sucks, because they are harder to deal with than other immigrants: they don't come to our countries out of want, but out of desperation, and they are often troubled and traumatised, for the same reason they left their home country in the first place, all this leading to them having a harder time fitting into society. But as long as we keep destroying their coutries it kind of is our moral duty to take care of them.

  26. First of all,SUA is bringing "democracy " there, and from middle east to Sweden are 3 4000kms and a lot of free democratic well developed countries, if they search safety and a place to work, from there to Sweden are plenty of opportunities, so no, they are not refugees, they are sent to destroy counqer and convert peaceful nations, why they don't go in Dubai, Qatar, South Africa,etc??? Let's open our eyes please!

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