Getting Creampied by my Co-Worker💕

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  1. well uhhhh 😅 the world is pretty big, and youre cute enough that someone somewhere will love you... obviously youre just venting so i cant really offer any good advice...but if you find it difficult to date boys, maybe try being friends with some first? ive found that practice talking to people really helps, regardless of whether that specific conversation turns into anything good

  2. My whole life I've been friends with boys I just want gay boys who like me and r worth my fukin time

  3. Not my tolerance I could go in it with zero tolerance and take 4 tabs and barley call it visual possibly not at all I just get high and mentally trippy

  4. I'm supposed 2 do therapy the doctor who gave me my hormones gave me a list of therapists I tried once 2 call them but wasn't able 2 make a apt and just gave up

  5. Well than why not try again? You got nothing to lose by just calling them

  6. Motivation ig idk when ur depressed enough it makes it really hard 2 do anything for yourself u don't have 2

  7. Me (a bicurious femboy) to myself after reading this: *don't be jealous, be supportive*

  8. Um I can't go 2 the bar for like 2 years and um drinking isn't much fun for me lol but I know I'm semi good looking at least but I don't really care I just don't understand why I can't have a bf and the only boys I thought about dating don't like femboys they only like masculine men idk I just want a soft snuggley boy haha

  9. Um u should like eat protein and do a shit tun of calithetics or however u say that idk I do work out a lil maybe that why I weigh so much cuz I know I ain't fat lmao

  10. I mean I’m not overweight have a lil beer belly tho

  11. If u drink just don't drink it'll go away beer belly is water weight

  12. If you don’t have a lot of fat there you can do core exercises which can help slim your waist. If you do have a little fat there, burn some calories (and/or lower your caloric intake, but be sure to eat enough).

  13. I guess I have 2 my issue is I only like running lmao I needa convince myself 2 do other exercises

  14. Well the good part is that they don’t have to take long. You can do like 10-15 minutes of core a day and even that is helpful

  15. I have started um maybe I'm crazy but I think my core is already building I can feel changes in a way

  16. Hair removal is the best aweswer in my opinion cuz smooth skin without hair follicles tricks alot of ppl and if they ask u can say u just genetically don't grow much hair and prefer 2 shave rather then have a few strays

  17. Personally I have alot of hair Wich gives me alot of dysphoria but I deal with it until I can get it removed

  18. Well I'm the context stop if u see blood like that's gotta be specific like what kinda blood lmao

  19. 2 each there own I mean at least it's not a protest about something prejudice honestly it's kinda a grey area lol

  20. Lol can we pls be friends I swear I'm not a creepy internet person lol

  21. Lol can we pls be friends I swear I'm not a creepy internet person lol

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