1. I would, but I’d complete the process knowing I wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to afford food and rent and finish it all debt free. I’d invest some of it and only work part time

  2. In the ER, while ER Techs may hold an EMT-B license, they’re not actually operating under the EMT scope of practice. The ER Tech scope of practice is determined by the ER medical director or some other hospital protocol so this is why it greatly varies from hospital to hospital. Some hospitals may allow ER Techs to start IVs and Foleys, while others won’t even allow them to disconnect an empty NS bag from the IV.

  3. Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach

  4. On an oncology floor you probably won’t use a lot of your EMT training if I’m being honest. It’s probably going to be a Telemetry or Med Surg floor so these aren’t going to be critical care patients and your job duties are going to be limited to taking vitals and assisting with ADLs (Changing, feeding, bathing patients etc.). I mean if you tried applying for that ER tech position in the same hospital in the future you’d probably have an upper hand given that you’d already be working for that hospital but yeah usually those positions are given to people with CNA certs. ER Tech definetly uses more of your EMT training plus some more

  5. Yeah it definetly varies from hospital to hospital as you’re not working under the EMT scope, it’s whatever scope the hospital decided to give ER Techs. At my old place I could start IVs (Even with ultrasound if you had that cert), Do foleys, straight caths, labs, splints and everything in my EMT scope except for meds. I did have to have my EMT, Phlebotomy, ACLS, PALS, and a separate IV class though. At my new hospital I can’t do caths or IVs but they allow us to give non narc/benzo meds (Only PO or IM).

  6. Hey it’s okay you’re just starting out, high school is so much different to college. No amount of AP/IB classes or whatever other preparation you thought you had will help you. Go to your Profs office hours, but often the TAs office hours may be more helpful as they’re also students so they understand the struggle a little better. If your school has some type of academic resource center see what they have to offer in terms of academic support or tutoring

  7. Definitely depends on the environment. My old place was great, everyone was mostly happy, burnout was rather low. My new place the turnover is so high and everyone who’s been there long enough is jaded and miserable. Total burnout. I will be leaving there ASAP

  8. As another commenter already mentioned, if you ever get taken to court the judges and lawyers will not be nice to you about that stuff. They’ll think if you can’t even bother to check your spelling and grammar, would you even bother to check if your patient has taken viagra before you give them nitro. Just an example.

  9. I made 39/hr as an ER Tech when I was living in California. I’m in New Hampshire now and make 22/hr as an ER Tech per diem but the minimum wage here is set at 7.25 and cost of living is way lower.

  10. My 2 least favorites are “High blood pressure” and peds fevers. Asymptotic hypertension in someone with a history of it is not something to come to the ER for. And to come to the ER for high blood pressure when it’s only 132/89 is bullshit. And with fevers, parents are always mad they wait a long time, that we only give Tylenol and don’t give abx. “I could have given Tylenol at home” well okay why didn’t you “I wanted you guys to see he was having a fever.” These are also the most entitled parents ever.

  11. I work in the ER and always have patients saying things like “why is my CT/Blood work taking so long to obtain/result it was ordered STAT.” Well the thing is that 99% of things in the ER are ordered STAT so it doesn’t really mean anything. Anything that isn’t a scheduled med/lab is automatically entered in as stat.

  12. If you stopped buying lattes everyday and didn’t order avocado toast, you could stretch out that money for a decent apartment

  13. Please don’t say the H word, it upsets the doctor

  14. Try looking for jobs at Quest Diagnostics or Lab Corp they usually don’t require experience. Also just apply anyway a lot of the time they’re desperate for employees and will take someone with the proper credentials but no experience. The worst they can do is deny you the job. My first ER Tech job technically required experience but I was fresh out of EMT school and got the position.

  15. Only if I get to choose the school or it’s one I’d be happy going to

  16. My question is How does she know what Rheumatology is, but she doesn’t know what infectious disease does?

  17. I clarified it elsewhere why she put infectious diseases there but basically she's clueless as to what they do differently from internal/family medicine doctors.

  18. Makes sense, I’m sorry to hear about that hope he’s doing better now

  19. I wish it was a more common thing but it’s also sad it’s gotten so bad that this is what we’re doing now.

  20. Right there with you bud. If it wasn’t for good professors I may have actually failed

  21. I don't know enough to say this for sure, but I'm guessing that EMS financial incentives are even worse off than hospital medicine as far as inducing practitioners to adopt best practices

  22. You are 100% right. I mean why do you think EMTs get paid basically minimum wage. EMS Services won’t even give you the right tools equipment wise to even help you implement best practices.

  23. Okay but a lot of the times these super high achieving stat obsessed students have no substance. Like where’s your personality, did you scare it away? Where are you interpersonal skills

  24. Get out of it while it’s easier to do so. It’s way easier to do something else right now then when you’re 200k in debt in the middle of med school with no other options

  25. This is pretty consistent with what I’ve been seeing (anecdotally). Most of the confirmed cases I’ve seen have been in MSM with risk factors or people who have sex with MSM. That being said though, testing is already abysmal to being with and it’s already incredibly difficult for non MSM to get tested so I’m afraid that this may make it even MORE difficult to access testing for people without risk factors.

  26. Okay I actually thought this was real for a second

  27. The only Midwest state I’d move to is Illinois. Otherwise I’d refuse to go anywhere in the south or Midwest. And fuck Florida. Anything on either coast but I’d ideally like to be back in California. Being a person of color I just need to be anywhere liberal and diverse or at least just accepting.

  28. chicago IL is extremely liberal and diverse, and is the one exception for the racist midwest

  29. You know I actually meant Illinois because of Chicago. I don’t know why I was thinking Chicago was in Michigan when I know it’s not😂

  30. Yes you don’t want the saline or heparin lock diluting/contaminating the sample. You should waste about 10mLs of fluid/blood before drawing a sample

  31. I love my 5.11s for all the pockets but I have some pairs of dickies I like. Sure they have less pockets but they’re more affordable and still comfy

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