1. I rotated at a place where Dr. K***************** Was called Dr. K by all the trainees, staff, and faculty. It’s fine.

  2. I know it’s hard. I know it goes against the culture and traditions. I know it seems mean or wrong, but at a certain point and age, the browns need to learn to start telling toxic family members to straight up just fuck off.

  3. Fuck tradition though it’s my life I’ll live it how I want to even if ancestors 200 years ago disagree thank you very much

  4. I’ve never seen a chest tube placed WITH sedation. Some docs may give some Ativan or haldol before hand for anxiety but otherwise just local lido.

  5. First of all I thought you meant a different type of double penetration. Second of all that has NEVER happened to me or anyone I’ve ever seen.

  6. Yes, I love seeing the look on a patient’s face when we tell them that we’re using cocaine.

  7. Don't let these crooked community colleges try to make you take a bunch if pre requires for EMR or EMT basic either. For paramedic associates sure, but not for anything less.

  8. My community college EMT course only required a high school diploma. It was some private programs that had weird unnecessary pre reqs.

  9. I once had a nurse doing compressions on arrival to a car accident with ejection on a pulseless patient. She looked 10 months pregnant and had been doing them for 4-5 minutes prior to our arrival. Instant respect.

  10. Jon Snow MD, PhD, MPH, MBA, FAAP, FACS, IBCLC. Medicine has its fair share of these too in the ivory towers😂

  11. At my old hospital with the exception of x rays and Code Stroke CTs, all imaging studies were outsourced (not to a foreign country) between 2200-0600. Our in house radiologists would still have to read all studies that were outsourced at a later time anyway.

  12. You have lucas devices, they are called big burly firefighters. You should be pushing the meds and the oxygen and nothing more haha.

  13. I was not privileged enough to be able to focus soley on school. I was going to need to have a job one way or another during undergrad so I figured I might as well rack up clinical experience too. The combination of working full time and pursing a Chemical Engineering Degree meant my GPA is not the highest it could be but I did the best I could with the resources I had. I’ll have around 8000 hours by the time I apply to med school.

  14. As long as they’re not racist inappropriate or otherwise problematic tattoos it should be fine.

  15. I’ve acquired quite the collection having worked as an ER Tech for the past almost 3 years. And the best part is that my employer reimbursed me for them. Even if they didn’t, that would have been a tax write off :)

  16. My last 2 ERs were terrible about asymptomatic hypertension. Anything over 160 would buy the patient an IV, trops, and probably obs.

  17. I understand that If say the patient doesn’t have access to a PCP and probably has a bunch of other undiagnosed issues but otherwise that should be taken care of with a PCP.

  18. You’re right about the fact that controlling asymptomatic hypertension for 12 hours won’t do anything. The only reason some providers may do it is just to placate the patient and ensure that they don’t complain that “we didn’t do anything for them after waiting 9 hours” other than tell them to go to their PCP. Because that’s the thing, for chronic asymptomatic HTN there’s nothing to do in the ER, it’s just not emergent in nature. Also they don’t always give clonidine. Sometimes it’s a one time dose of lisinopril or hydralazine but since you brought up clonidine that’s why I decided to mention it. Asymptomatic HTN is certainly something that needs to be addressed, but not in the ER. Now as far as what meds are used in an outpatient setting, that is beyond the scope of my understanding of everything, I have an EMT credential you as a med student have more book knowledge than I do but honestly it seems like you know what you’re talking about. Maybe some docs can corroborate your understanding.

  19. I’ve seen a patient claim they were Allergic to water and could only drink beer. Another claimed to be Allergic to Viscous Topical Oral Lidocaine because it made them gag

  20. I would have tried to put myself out there more socially. I made exactly 0 college friends. I hear med students talk about their college experience saying “Oh I had a lot of fun it was great I wish I could go back” but that wasn’t the case for me. I worked full time and was completely focused on school but I could have put in more effort to be socially involved.

  21. I wouldn’t bother to be honest. Plasma donation generally requires 2 sites, one on each arm. If you only have one good vein it’s not going to work. They do have to do a vein check before allowing you to donate but you gotta have pretty good veins. Also generally normal blood draws are done with needles between 21-25 gauge. A 16 gauge is a fat needle and requires a very good vein to be able to hold a needle of that size. If they struggle that bad to draw blood or start an IV, I wouldn’t bother to be honest it’s just not going to be a good experience for anyone

  22. Yes many hospitals will hire you as an ER Tech with a CNA cert. Having the phlebotomy is a plus as many hospitals will also require that as well. However this will vary from hospital to hospital. Some will only hire Paramedics as ER Techs some may only hire EMTs as ER Techs. Some will hire you with either an EMT, MA or CNA cert but it all varies. Check some job listings for local hospitals to find out what kind of credentials they want for their ER Techs. It’s great experience and I actually got my Phlebotomy cert because I was hired as an ER Tech with my EMT and my hospital wanted me to have my Phlebotomy as well

  23. When I told my derm I pick at everything all she said “I’m not even going to scold you for that because I do it too, I get it.” I have a collection of tools for the purpose of popping pimples

  24. You may have some luck with BLS, but generally every agency I’ve ever heard of requires you have your regular DL and your ambulance license too. If not try applying to ER Tech jobs

  25. This. I simply have no interest in it, not something that appeals to me. Might have a drink every once in a while but I’ve never even been drunk.

  26. Lurker here but we had a well known med student influencer rotate in our ER. I helped orient her and showed her where all our equipment is kept, introduced her to everyone and just helped her get comfortable. Didn’t realize who she was until she was done with the rotation. Very humble nice down to earth person, eager to learn well liked by attendings but had absolutely no interest in EM.

  27. We have little bags that we stuff all the cables to and zip tie the zipper shut. This way the cables don’t get removed from the room but they’re rendered unusable to the patient. If you can’t picture what I’m talking about I can send a picture later this week at work

  28. Psych pts can easily tear open ziplock bags if they want the cables.

  29. They’re not Ziploc bags they’re some type of strong fabric I don’t really know a good way to describe it

  30. From a financial standpoint sure it may not be the best decision as you already have a stable career and sometimes have higher earning potential as an RN than an NP but honestly I think your RN experience would make you a much better doctor. You’d already have a lot of familiarity with common medications, procedures, treatments and skills. You would understand medicine with a different perspective. All of the best doctors I’ve met have been nurses or other healthcare professionals (RTs, Paramedics). Sure it will be hard but if it’s something you really wanna do I say go for it cause otherwise you’ll regret it down the road. I’m sure you will without a doubt get the depth of education you want in medical school and residency. If you follow @rntomdcoach on Instagram she gives a lot of advice on navigating the path and even discusses how some nursing core classes can actually count as med school pre requisites. Good luck!!

  31. Have you tried essential oil suppositories? They may help you realize how far up your ass your head is.

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