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  1. I actually found it a couple hours after I posted. It’s called Insecure Misfits on ao3

  2. A lesser known subspecies, the Arctic HypnoToad

  3. Fools, all of you! That is clearly a twinkie

  4. There’s a fic by Appoapples on ao3 that has this

  5. Legit thought that guy was giving the Forest god a helping hand.

  6. Don’t give them ideas! They’ve taken everything else!

  7. Sir or ma'am, that is most definitely not what they say or I'd sleep til noon.

  8. As is the advice for anything with the red glow that you see in ARK:

  9. Possibly. Unless you want it to be an unhinged dog that’s smart but has dog logic

  10. But they're herbivore so they don't attack unless provoked or threatened

  11. That looks just like the stuffed mouse I got from IKEA when I was seven! God I haven’t seen one of those in years

  12. In the same way that a Great White Shark is friend shaped, you mean?

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