1. According to the comments they are now just as cursed as you are haha

  2. 30th Reunion! The front side says "[Last Name]'s Family Reunion, Gaston, NC 1997" (Redacting their name so nobody gets online hate for forest littering though.)

  3. Speed or heat control? indices of 2 through 12

  4. Neither! It's a rabbit eat TV antenna for VHF channels. 2-13.

  5. It’s solved actually! It’s a tv antenna for VHF channels.

  6. Why do you think it's a toy? Could just be a cheap syringe for dispensing something rather than injection of medicine. Where does the 1950s come in?

  7. It’s from a vintage Hasbro (Hassenfeld Bros) Junior Doctor Kit.

  8. This is a lot of trash, but they can pick the 5x5’ area from where someone was camping out while the rest of the forest might be fine. Like, at first glance you think wow that forest is filthy, but all we know is that 5x5 square was filthy.

  9. Not a camping kind of forest, no. The bordering households used it for dumping their trash in previous decades. None of this trash was visible when I started on the section.

  10. Sure, but the trash I find is household trash. The forest is practically in these houses' backyards.

  11. I’m jealous of your forest trash! My dog poop bags, diapers, cigarette butts, beer cans, and face masks have no beauty in my eyes. I have one small jar of interesting things I’ve found over the last 5 years.

  12. not all trash is equal, it's true. I don't photograph or share the diapers i find in Trash Forest.

  13. That’s really beautiful man, the juxtaposition of colors and composition of materials is a work of art. Really wonderful!

  14. Hey there-I’m a BarPod fan in a mixed marriage with a woke progressive. I work in the mental health field myself, so I might have less aversion to a lot of the “traditional” couples help tools that are out there than the average BarPod fan , but here are my two cents:

  15. 38-year-old Doritos bag. Wendy's cup. Record. Key. Safety razor. Remote control car battery. Vent cover.

  16. What's the 'tyco' thing? A game cart, or is that the battery you mentioned?

  17. Per today's history deep dive into John Harrison, clockmaker, longitude-solver, and the reason we have blinking christmas tree lights, ha. Do look at these

  18. and the dude is trying so hard to make it look comfortable

  19. Several people sent this to me when it happened last year. Legendary.

  20. Okay. You’d think after a few years with chickens I’d be used to this, ha

  21. oh man, am I missing out on Sean Carrol's Mindscape? I've haven't heard of that one.

  22. I am way to excited for this new subreddit. Shannon you always make my day with your posts and stories and you make me feel slightly more sane for the never ending projects I tend to take on around my house with kids running around. You never shy away from the realness of it all and it’s the best. Thank you so much for creating this space/community that I never knew i’d be interested in. I may have come for the cool trash but I stayed for the real treasure that is you! (Hopefully not creepy, I was just trying to come up with a clever trash-foresty compliment)

  23. Oh my goodness THANK YOU. And thanks for following along!

  24. "Trash Forest giveth. Trash Forest giveth not so much" is another one that runs through my head when i'm digging.

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