1. Based on the big bang theory it does end but it's always expanding but it's slowing down very very slowly. But I have heard some stuff about the big bang theory not making sense because we could never observe it ourselves but we do see some ripples which is why the theory was made. So I don't know realy.

  2. Ok then I'll make one later im out with my family right now

  3. I can't tell if your mocking Western Sahara or just put the wrong country πŸ€”

  4. Isn’t Liberia the place with the USA looking flag but with 1 star is red of 50

  5. Idk if blood counts as NSFW but I don't want this post to get took down

  6. Hungarian History: After ww1 the Entent split up the Austro-Hungarian Empire leaving Hungary with the now know area's of Slovakia and Transylvania with this the Hungarians took back Austria and got revenge on the Serbs and their Balkan allies in a brutal war Eventually though the Empire got weak and closer to the start of ww2 the Empire split up with the Serbs and their allies forming Yugoslavia and Romania getting Transylvania after this they gave the Czechosovakians Independance peacefully lastly Austria left because of the German Anschluss

  7. Also Also the Puppets where basically apart of the Empire but they had more power in the government

  8. Also Italy was only an ally up till the Balkan Civil War

  9. Finished! Just check my posts idk how to add links on phone.

  10. Kids are still valuable and wouldn’t people be scared if random kids just started to blow up?

  11. I was skimming the power description and thought pairs was Paris πŸ’€

  12. Finally an actual meme that doesn't get took down

  13. Saturday cuz I can wake up late and sleep late whereas on Friday I can only sleep late and Sunday I can only wake up late

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