1. Back when I'd talk into fans set on "high" and pretend I was low-end Darth Vader.

  2. Due to inflation it's now $888.88 and still sketchy as hell.

  3. Is the whole week going to be posts of AI generated Reddit mods?

  4. 5 seconds later she did her famous 360 dunk. Why didn't this video include that?

  5. Because her hips exploded when she landed.

  6. I thought it was a costume for a second.

  7. Like one of those that you remove a leaf at a time until you reveal sexy time?

  8. I'd just like to take a moment for all the pixels that died in the making of this post.

  9. She got sucked right into the void.

  10. How did you find a Benny Hill clip without lingerie?

  11. He has the mighty magic power of at least 7 ringworms.

  12. Pretty sure Karen isn't fighting against Christmas...

  13. I don't think using food for a skit is immoral. People do that shit all the time.

  14. Gallagher's ghost has entered the chat

  15. He travels in a dented white intergalactic van with heavily tinted windows.

  16. Anyone who's ever read one is dead.

  17. I always assumed his audience was himself.

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