1. With respect, putting in a "sell if it falls below X" is NOT a sophisticated feature.

  2. Nod. That makes sense. However, I still want to sell if the price goes down and then buy at the bottom or on the way back up.

  3. Why would you shake so close to the cusp? How do you account for daylight savings clock adjustments? Stay safe, shake in the middle of the day. Set 2 alarms, one for shake at lunch and one for shake at dinner. We text each other when our lunch alarms go off.

  4. I believe OPs post indicates they shake 15 mins AFTER the daily reset and not 15 before. Totally agree with you though: that should provide 23h45min of backup shake opportunities.

  5. I've added 'and shake' to all my alarms.. "wake up and shake", "Close the blinds (at work) and shake" and the special 7 pm alarm.. "did you remember to shake?"

  6. Shaking when I wake up in the morning has just become second nature. My backup is to shake when my daily DCA goes through at 8:00 am. I’m still paranoid and probably shake 6 more times through the day.

  7. A Tbsp of Glucose in your recipe is the easiest way. This is how the chains keep them soft.

  8. Wow, am I reading this right? Does this say the folks who's cars they own and are trapped in/on the premises cannot claim their vehicles or they will be faced with fines and or imprisonment?

  9. They can, but unfortunately it is likely going to cost them money and time.

  10. I’m not sure but I don’t think you can get controlled medication right from the doctors office

  11. I don’t disagree that Rogers was tightening their wallet across the board but he had a contract which they still had to pay out.

  12. Allegedly, Joe Lubin, that pre-mining ETH whale, buddy of VB, and dude behind MetaMask (ETH wallet) and Infura (ETH node infrastructure company): moved those two companies out of ConsenSys AG control and put them into a new company, CSI without shareholder consent. He is presently being sued by about 35 shareholders.

  13. Eth and all POS shitcoins alike are basically trojan horses for crypto ran by the govs and banks.

  14. I really want to know what the best colour for a KitchenAid stand mixer is.

  15. Aqua Sky really brings our whole kitchen together.

  16. You're about 5 years late, friend. There are Jays podcasts aplenty.

  17. I have no idea. Which is why I'm sticking to GPT-3 which you don't pay a flat fee for, but you're charged based on usage. I have no idea why they couldn't do that for ChatGPT.

  18. No they are not. It’s about $0.22/day at todays prices.

  19. Hodl strong, not sell! BTC is up 22% in the last 10 days. You (most likely) won't find any other avenue to realize those types of gains.

  20. To be fair: you won’t find many other avenues down 64% over the last year either. I’m pro-BTC but let’s be real: it can also go the other way pretty quick.

  21. Dominance will decline over the long haul. People start to see that btc doesnt get the returns other coins do, so new peeps just go with other stuff instead and maxis cant do amything about that

  22. Not once the regulators step in and litigate most of these coins into oblivion.

  23. Glad my bag is predominantly BTC, but the altcoins is what will give you big rewards.

  24. BTC has and continues to give me some pretty big rewards.

  25. Good olive oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, beef tallow, pork fat, unsalted butter is what I can see.

  26. Sunflower for general sauté and coconut for everything…baking, sauté and as hand moisturizer.

  27. I don't know what you're talking about, but it only works in Google wallet or equivalent for your platform. It needs to have numbers, expiry and cvv to be able to use it anywhere else, including I believe, paypal. However the shake pay team claim to be working on that once they shake out the existing system.

  28. I have my numbers: it works everywhere. Where does OP say they don’t have their numbers?

  29. Any of those teams would give everyone of those prospects for Vlad, Manoah, Bo, Kirk and Varsho plus almost anything else we asked for.

  30. Shakepay claims to have 2,000,000 accounts and that left me scratching my head. I believe you have to be a Canadian resident; it’s a KYC - one account per person. They just went through a series A so I am quite certain they can’t just make this stuff but it sounds highly unlikely.

  31. I use SP at No Frills every week. The cap at my store is $200 so I kindly ask them to break it into two transactions. Works every time.

  32. And ya get double the squad sats….sometimes if it’s dead inside the store I ask if they wouldn’t mind doing 5-6 transactions, why not extra sats for the team.

  33. My brother does this at the LCBO. It is a nice boost.

  34. Are you an iPhone user? I wonder if you can back tap it? Hopefully they get you sorted out.

  35. This past summer I packed and portaged from our campsite in Algonquin 2.5 hours out to the closest cell signal every day for 6 days. 2.5 hours back too. One of the days was last second. Not because it was approaching cutoff when I shook but because by the time I shook I barely had time to get back with any light at all. I enjoyed the time and exercise but spent 5 hours each day keeping my streak alive. After losing my first one over 150 days: it had to be done.

  36. The big negative is that after $600 of sales you need to report that as taxable income, so it's become a bigger hassle for small sellers

  37. It depends on your jurisdiction but it goes way further than that. I’m certainly not against paying what I owe in taxes but I think a lot of sellers don’t know:

  38. If you want a career you have to do the thing: there is no substitute. If you want to make music you have to put in the time to hone your craft.

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