1. Irony is you are legit sharing your trauma among the men you think are different from those lechers, so yeah not all men.

  2. Bihar is the most neutral in this map. So they are 2x horny than others, make sense.

  3. Mfers hired dancer escorts for college Saraswati puja few years back.

  4. You're the man of culture, Thanks for the idea though.

  5. Tell the airport doggo it just smells funny it aint shit

  6. Thats hands down the most apt description for a picture I have seen

  7. But wbu the fact that they all were Hindus forced into taking pride in Mughals post conversion

  8. Would be very lenient and considerate for sure before hitting the kid bad.

  9. After achieving all this he would study all nineteen subjects again and still apply for "Medical officer".

  10. The little turd in the back who got away after slapping her behinds thinking nobody noticed

  11. First of all its not heart attack, its cardiac arrest, heart attacks are painful this wasnt. This condition can happen due to build up of too much acid in the body during exercise or a morbid decrease in Oxygen supply to the heart or high Potassium release into the blood following muscle rupture in heavy exercise, presumably a case of Ventricular Fibrillations.

  12. Use a small cloth at the exit like Sadhu's chillum, it would help

  13. Cow is hands down the most exploited animal in all of India, exploited by all.

  14. Thats what I wanted to say, from leaders to people everybody using cows for their own interests.

  15. I have this one, starts with a citrusy tangy and spicy note(quite short lived) on the base of an intense mix of Sandalwood ginger and jasmine prolly.

  16. Oh ok, I was looking for daily wear, as you have mentioned, and other's consideration, I will hold back on buying chief. Instead will go for coastal India

  17. Coastal India is alright but fruity af in the starting, starts to feel like a good french perfume once floral notes kick in, doesnt have spicy masculine notes until later but could be used daily.

  18. Bro sadly i feel like i have reached the saturation. Any suggestions

  19. Saturation as in overuse? It stays around for a week in your blood, can go cold turkey for a while

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