1. evolving skies is very very expensive but it is actually getting restocked in a lot of places for like $4.99 a pack so maybe they are trying to combat the prices and make it cheaper? therefore idk about the future price of the set and if it will be sought after as much as it has been. i have no self control so i’d rip that thing open and make a night out of it 😂

  2. Hidden fates stopped printing back in 2021 and they’re now going for $18 per pack. I think it’s completely justifiable to stick a booster box away in the closet. I think this set will have a lot of nostalgia someday because of all the eeveelutions. what your doing is a safe bet.

  3. it’s 100% justifiable! in almost every case it’s actually the smart thing to do. when i was a kid i opened a dark explorers booster box when it was like $600, if i would’ve kept it sealed i could’ve sold it for $6-7k and bought every card from the set and has thousands to spare 😂

  4. was excited to see jimmie johnson. he is done after ONE LAP. and now we are going to be on lap 5 and the race has been 99% caution and commercials. let’s pray this is a wakeup call and we get to see some huge green flag runs.

  5. these caution laps will be the end of me. is it REALLY necessary for them to go around this giant thing what 4,5,6 times?!

  6. is this from scarlet violet coming out on the 31st? if so, this and that slowpoke alt art are definitely 2 of my chase cards for this set. such awesome art!!

  7. Yup! Local store had them early!

  8. because he is one of the biggest stars in wrestling history and without him we might not have wrestling on national TV almost every day of the week.

  9. 1986-92 was just unreal. what an angry, powerful voice.

  10. been playing metallica on guitar for 15 years. they are the first band i started learning songs from. i started with creeping death, enter sandman, fade to black, seek and destroy, the four horsemen, etc. many of the earlier songs are easy riffs. if you have any questions lmk man.

  11. does the 8bitdo pro 2 wired ever get stick drift? i’m so tired of non being able to play my switch because of drift. i really just need a no drift alternative but idk what controller to get.

  12. Yes, it’s possible, as they are traditional joysticks. Not likely, but possible, same as the official Pro controller. The 8bitdo Ultimate uses Hall Effect joysticks though, eliminating the possibility of stick drift for that model.

  13. ok i got the ultimate one instead thank you bro!

  14. yup every single championship race it says i win even tho i don’t. you just have to use the championship 4 leaderboard at the end of phoenix, that’s who actually won the title.

  15. he’s a natural. impressive on the timing and fills considering the age and his first time playing this song. just please invest in ear protection for when he inevitably asks for a real acoustic drum kit. ear protection is an absolute must have for a real kit.

  16. yes, very very fake. im sure a young kid wouldn’t care because they do look cool but they have absolutely zero value other than that.

  17. my dad saw metallica play shortest straw at the allentown fairgrounds in the 90s. Him and his best buddy were down in the pits and they were screaming for shortest straw all night and they actually played it.

  18. did he just headbutt a samoan?! what a shame.

  19. mods please do something about these posts.

  20. san diego 92. the guitar battle and the awesome landmines pyro really makes it the best. also seattle 89 is an unreal performance but i’d have to pick san diego.

  21. took Austin Hill 12 laps to go from the back to the second row. he could be a serious problem at plate races for a long time.

  22. hey everybody, it’s RAINBOWWW 🌈🌈🌈

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