1. 40$ for a HDMI cable, are they fucking joking? What fucking idiot would buy that?

  2. I purchased three of those. 😬😳

  3. I haven't found the reviews for that device consistently good so I'm holding out for a new Oasis. I have the 2nd gen, skipped the 3rd gen because it was only a backlighting upgrade. Hope the next version of Oasis is bigger.

  4. Looks brand new to me 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Anything associated with GameStop is instantly negative to me. I'll stick to the discounts I can get at CDKeys.

  6. Might be your area or your plan. When I got the iPhone 12Pro with the new 5G service I changed my plan to accommodate the new phone 5G. I've been with Verizon forever and have never had any issues and I now have the 14Pro. I often do go into Settings > General > About and stay in that options window for several seconds because in rare instances the phone will get a pushed network update from VZ.

  7. Curious myself especially that it costs a third of the new PSVR.

  8. The price really isn’t that steep lmao. I don’t know why so many people are actually like it’s the most expensive controller on the planet. It’s $20 more than the elite controller Xbox and with that extra $20 you get adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, the function buttons, and the best pro controller software implementation we’ve ever seen. The price is high but it is not much higher than literally any other pro controller and you get a lot more from the controller than most other pro controllers.

  9. It's cheaper or comparable to Scuff and with Scuff you lose either adaptive trigger or the instant trigger features; you can't seem to buy it with both those features. New PS5 controller seems to keep all its features intact along with the new perks (e.g. adjustable trigger for instant shooting).

  10. PLEASE play before you buy it. Bought it for $35 because I’m a huge DC and Batman fan. It just isn’t a fun game, story and characters are decent. The combat though is just so “blah”, none of the flow or brutality of the original Arkham series.

  11. Agreed, I felt the same exact way. I got it for $30 on Black Friday and I should have bought a case of beer instead. I played for a solid 5 hours and haven't touched the game again.

  12. Maybe because it’s not worth their time to finance a 100 dollar product? It is odd though. Edit: Oops I had no idea they announced new ones today!

  13. It's strange because they finance the $49 apple iPhone cases so a $300 device would seem like a good candidate for financing.

  14. In what part of the world is apple selling HomePod minis for $299??

  15. It's not a mini. I understood it as being the new regular HomePod size. It even looks bigger than the mini but smaller than the original.

  16. I got $450 for my old iPhone 12 Pro toward my iPhone 14 Pro. Never realized I could trade-in at store but I did my order as a pre-order for the 14 Pro.

  17. Same happened to me over four years ago so consider yourself forever banned. Now I know what gay men feel like when their blood isn't wanted either. I think in like 2020 gay men gotta go without getting laid for like 4 months to donate. The stigma is real. I gave up trying to get back into the program so I'll just keep my blood in my veins. I've since had over a dozen tests that continue to confirm I am STD free since my false positive with the Red Cross.

  18. Omg that mode was so annoyingly fun. Haha

  19. Oh yeah it will. Start playing COD or an annualised sports title and the name calling, slurs, racist, outbursts and death threats soon come rolling it.

  20. OMG! Call of Duty brings out the worst in folks. Racist rants, hate, etc.

  21. I remember when Xbox wanted to be the all in one tv box and PS users made fun of it, heck even the guy at Sony made fun of that notion on stage saying PS4 was all gaming. Now folks are moving toward that vision the Xbox team had from the get go, though the world didn't seem ready for that idea back then (it was too soon).

  22. I’m not a fan of ads on remotes. Just give people programable buttons

  23. Agreed! Otherwise I love the remote.

  24. If you like video games and are interested in some history then I highly recommend, "Console Wars" by Blake Harris. I've always had a love for Nintendo since being a child then growing up into the big boy console PS1 so I never had any negative feelings toward Nintendo but man when I read Console Wars I thought, WTF Nintendo! Haha, great read for sure.

  25. I have a 9th gen Oasis and just finish charging it to 100%. Green charge light came on at about 98% but I left it charging another 40 mins and it hit 100.

  26. Looks promising but my only problem with VR1 was the dismal gaming library. I had more fun with the demo disc I purchased with the robbery demo than I did any full game I purchased. I'm not jumping at this and likely will skip it. 😕

  27. I have no idea how people can think this unless they fully stopped paying attention to what was coming out.

  28. Damn! I feel stupid. I think I gave up on it too soon since I was an early adopter and was disappointed after a few months. Now I'm going to put on my bib and eat poop cause I'm clearly full of shit having not fully experienced what you all have. Dang. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Thank you Redditors for the much needed VR lesson. I will down vote my own remark with egg on my face.

  29. I've always wanted to try an Oasis, but I've heard so many complaints about the battery life. I'm waiting until the Oasis battery life is fixed to last as long as the Paperwhite's. I'm actually excited for a new Oasis reveal this time.

  30. The first version of the Oasis was bad! I thought how it detached from the cover was "cute" until I realized the battery died really quick then it wasn't cute anymore. I have the second version of Oasis and love it. I'd upgrade to the next version if it's bigger.

  31. Is the reddit community still suggesting PS5's get their own bedroom and setup in the center of said room for maximum cooling? 🤦🏻‍♂️ I've had my PS5 in a more cramped spot than that since day one without issue.

  32. Pocket comb on the go but I generally use a boar brush bristle brush.

  33. Heated beard brush. Use with a wet, oiled beard to take control.

  34. Agreed! I used to use the blow dryer and it looked better but when I got the heated beard brush it was a game changer. Hot brush left my beard super sharp and clean.

  35. No, a long time ago they used to but now they make you do a return and purchase new.

  36. Correct! Last summer I got a PS4 game that was on sale a week after I purchased it. Amazon refused to price match so I ordered a new one and returned the new game under the old order number since it was the same product and got my money back from my original purchase (higher price).

  37. If you carry a balance you might want to check your APR because this happened to me with my amex card years ago. I totally goofed, same situation changed banks and my payment got rejected and amex penalized me for the mistake jacking up my APR to the penalty rate of something like 29% for like a year! It eventually went back to the normal 16% or so but since I don't carry a balance I didn't notice it until I split a large purchase over payments for 3 months.

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