1. They have added coconut oil. The THC content is only 32%, about half of what most RSO comes in at. Probably why the price was lower as well. I see it is labeled as a edible as well, so it cost you three days vs one like most pure RSO/FECO syringe’s.

  2. Better to be judged by 12 than to be carried by 6! This is the way I see it, IF something were to happen and I had to draw a weapon and use it, I would much rather my attorney go into court and argue that it is my MEDICINE, and I am not just some drug using, gun toting thug. At least I’m still alive to at least argue the point. There will be no cross reference unless you are involved in a situation where your weapon is drawn, then there may be. Only you can decide what your comfort level is with breaking this terrible law.

  3. Truth! I so miss some of the strains from the late 70s to the Late 80s. The Thai, Jamaican, Afghan, Hawaiian, Colombian, Panama. With todays growing methods, we could truly be enjoying some REAL cannabis in Ohio. So many of the strains nowadays are just so murky in effects. Everything has been crossed so many times you lose the uniqueness of the effects of the “pure” strains. I really miss the knock out punch from a pure “indica” strain and the super racy effects from a pure “sativa” strain. There are a few in Ohio, the Durban Poison from Africa is pretty good and the Amarillo from Brazil is pretty good. Mag from Iran, grown by Verano was just ok. Maybe if we beg all the growers to try some landrace strains a few would listen!

  4. Although I do not have epilepsy, I have done enough research on cannabis thru the years and have read that you should be consuming a high CBD strain. There are a few in Ohio such as Shark Shock by Firelands Scientific and Cannatonic. Personally though, I would order quality CBD flower online from a reputable company such as Secret Nature (my favorite) or Fern Valley. There is even Roman Acres that is a local hemp farm in Tallmadge that has curbside pickup. The CBD from Secret Nature is superior to anything in Ohio and will smell the house up when you pop the top on the can. The Sweet Cakes and Frosted Kush are really nice and do wonders when blended with a high terpene quality flower. Secret Nature is a little pricier, but you truly get what you pay for with them. I have an older post showing what I pulled out of my mail box if you want to look back.

  5. Go to the Botanist website and look at their store menu, not the online order menu. Underneath each strain the terpenes are listed, and to the right the parentage is listed. I have done this many times before a purchase, whether it be at the Botanist or elsewhere.

  6. This is an excellent uplifting strain! It is a landrace strain from Brazil. One of only three “pure” landrace strains we have in Ohio. Durban Poison from Africa and Mag from Iran are the other two. I really wish we had a few more pure strains, all the hybrids really get pretty muddied up after awhile. There really are no more “sativas” that are capable of producing that heart pounding, full blown panic attack, laughing fit buzz. Or those old school “indicas” that just left you absolutely dumbfounded and unable to get up off the couch.

  7. Hmm wonder if cbd would help my pain out more I need to figure out a way to stop this running out crap

  8. There is a very good chance that a CBD/CBG regimen along with THC flower could give you MUCH more pain relief than just THC alone. I consume CBD/CBG on a daily basis for my pain. CBG is just as important as CBD and is actually a little energizing and gives focus. Just make sure that you purchase from a reputable company like Secret Nature. There is also a local hemp company called Roman Acres that has curbside pickup. CBD will also help keep your tolerance in check.

  9. Yeah I was wondering my rig came with two coils one that's more a traditional coil the other has like a quartz insert in it I was wondering if the quartz one would work better

  10. I would put the quartz bucket in for sure. You don’t want to put that directly on a coil. The quartz bucket will melt the concentrate more evenly.

  11. If you are looking for a portable flower vape, don’t waste your hard earned money trying out different vapes, buy a Storz & Bickel Mighty+, or a Crafty+. I have been using the Crafty for about 5 years now and the Mighty for about three. I love both! If you want easier controllability and longer battery life, buy the Mighty. Buy the super charger if you get the mighty, well worth the extra money. If you want pocket size, buy the Crafty, but it has a shorter battery life and you have to use the app to change the 2 preset temps. Both have their place. That’s why I ended up getting both. The clouds they put out and the flavor are incredible! There is a bonus hack as well! If you wait until the mouth piece gets hard to twist before cleaning, you will be rewarded with some VERY potent amber reclaim that is ready to eat. I always warn people though, it is very strong and a rice grain piece should be tried to start.

  12. I haven’t been able to get a lemon slushee lr pod yet. Have you had one of those? How’s this compare? I want to try both! Waiting to find them in stock and hopefully on salw

  13. The Lemon Slushee LR pod is delicious! The Super Lemon Dog x Mimosa is equally as yummy! Maybe even a little tastier. I just wish you could adjust the temperature on a luster battery. You gotta hit it very soft and slow or take the risk of burning the oil. Live resin is much better in a 510 until they come out with a adjustable pod battery. With live resin and rosin, you want to sip, not rip!

  14. Yup! Used to use this method at the drive-in all the time. Works really well!

  15. Oh wow thank you so much buddy I should of got that strain when I saw it on sale hopefully I'll see it by me again alot of pow stuff is harder to get where I go but yeah I've been looking for a good landrace one thank you so much next time I find it I'll definitely be trying it now I don't mind indica strains but normally I leave those for night time even though I've been finding some strains are different or effect me different I ended up buying the wrong vaporizer I ended up with something called a looka it's called a unicorn 2.0 quartz I found out that's for concentrats after buying it for 189 I've seen the mighty at the dispo I go to for like 380 they have a smaller one that's like 280 looks like the mighty but can't remember what it was called but I really like the fact they both come with a 2 year warranty the one I got only came with 30 days

  16. If you are able to get to the Botanist in Akron, they have the Amarelo for $30. If you have a little extra cash, the Chocolope is also a great heady strain. It is a cross of Thai and Haze. Great flavor and effects!

  17. Nice thank you I ended up getting a 2.8 of amarelo I liked that one alot I've actually want to try Durban poison now after looking at landrace strains that one sounds good to thank you for the help was really good

  18. Another great heady strain is Willies Reserve Schromulan. It definitely has that old school vibe to it. Watch for sales and you can pick up a 5.66 for about $60.

  19. For a lower THC strain, I love it! With a proper cure and decent terps it hits just as hard as a 25% strain. The taste on this one is yummy!

  20. Ohio Clean Leaf. Dry, low terps and low to no flavor. Terrible plastic containers too!

  21. What strain has been discontinued in Ohio that you miss?

  22. Firelands Scientific in Huron has a 10% off $200, 20% off $300 and 30% off $400 every Friday and Sunday. I always go for the 30%. You can’t beat $400 worth of product for $280! Beautiful new dispensary in a nice location too. You can even see their greenhouses from the lobby.

  23. Woodward’s Animal Face is pretty special. Animal Mints hits hard too! You cant go wrong with any Woodward’s. If ya want a really uplifting, happy effect, go for their Grapehead. Wonderful flavor on that one!

  24. Early in the program, Riviera Creek used to grow Purple Haze. It was my favorite ”sativa” in the program. Such a happy, tasty, uplifting strain! They discontinued it after a couple of grows. Probably due to lower THC and a low yield. I pleaded with them to bring it back with no luck. They assured me that they were coming out with some new exciting sativa strains. Well, they did introduce a new sativa, but not even close to Purple Haze In effects, or taste even though higher in THC content. THC content seems to be more important to most growers than a quality, well grown, well cured strain at 20% that blows that 35% no terp, hay smelling garbage out of the water. Sad!

  25. Firelands Scientific has raised their price on Woodward’s to $91 before tax. Ridiculous! They have raised all their prices across the board. I used to drive a hour and a half just to take advantage of their sales. With their now high prices, and the price of gas, no more. I will stick to the 3 dispensaries within 15 min. of me. Herbology in Cuyahoga Falls just had Woodward’s minis for $43.

  26. The Botanist in Akron has a buy 5 get 10% off. They have all of Woodward’s current strains now.

  27. thanks for your candid reply, I appreciate it. Kinda kicking myself for getting talked out of trying the Robots earlier, but will definitely have to try Woodward next time I pick up

  28. Don’t be afraid of the Robots smell. It is definitely funky, but in a good way. If you don’t mind cheesy strains, this is a really nice uplifting strain. Although heavy hitting. It is Rollins x White OG.

  29. I’m really new to the whole medical game, you say it helps knock out your anxiety? That’s the biggest issue I have when using cannabis is the fact that I already have an anxiety disorder so finding a strain that doesn’t make it worse has been tricky!

  30. If you have anxiety, stay away from strains that have pinene and ocimene in them. Look for high amounts of myrcene, linalool and humulene in your strains and you should be fine. linalool is a very calming terpene, myrcene is sedating and great for pain. I hope this helps.

  31. Pass pass (sounds really good on that one asap rocky song if you’re familiar with him😅)

  32. Ever hear the tune “Roll another one”? Great song from the movie Easy Rider.

  33. Puffco+, works well on live resin and rosin. The only downfall is the battery life. It should last through a work day, but certainly not for a day of heavy use without a recharge. On the upside, it does charge fast. You can also order a spare battery. Overall, I am happy with it at the price point.

  34. I was thinking about going with the p Co+ . Any other good accessories for it?

  35. Not that I know of. But to be fair, I have not looked, just used as is.

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