1. Do they donate some proceeds charity? Otherwise it’s just another insincere money grab by a company that couldn’t give a shit about the actual cause

  2. I’d argue that being tall would make it harder to climb things. I’m 6’6 240 lbs. it takes a hell of a lot more arm strength to lift myself than it does an average size person

  3. Eh I’m 6’4 225 and I’m much better at body weight movements than my smaller peers so not necessarily true. I’m smaller than you tho so know who’s

  4. Wanna bet 😎😂😂🏴‍☠️. I See $200 for an Oz at a storefront in Maine on weedmaps 🍻

  5. “Wanna bet” 🤓 this sub in a nutshell lmao

  6. What’s your personal brand? Like what’s your niche?

  7. This an ad? Idc what dumbass programs this dude has made. Dudes core looks like garbage for advertising an entire program on it lmao

  8. Didn’t see that coming. Shocker. Has less to do with him and general life advice. Just listen to my advice and u will be ok.

  9. Dude, you’re the one that’s trying to act like you know something. Calm down there Buddha

  10. Not hyper or riled up. but thanks try to think for yourself buddy

  11. All your comments are passive aggressive. Go back to your video games and porn.

  12. Yeah and $75 for 1/2 gram carts. Medical in NY is stupid expensive.

  13. Damn I thought Ohio was bad. Hope it gets better for you

  14. Recreational shops have opened. I get ounces of local bud for like $85 regularly now. $65 is the lowest I've paid this year for an ounce. Carts are the only real issue as our regulations haven't been issued so all the carts are unregulated. Before my MMJ card expired I bought a few but mostly I use homemade edible THC oil and dry herb vapes. All good. Cheers.

  15. Way better bud prices than what’s in Ohio. Weird that they don’t have that scaled similarly for carts/concentrates. Cheers!

  16. How y'all get these Amazon deals? Is it an American Amazon only thing?

  17. Is Amazon warehouse not an option for you? That’s the section of Amazon that has damaged/used goods for sale

  18. Yeah I don’t think they promote it very well, intentionally

  19. That’s some caveman shit get some etiquette

  20. This is why BMI is a thing, you can have 3% body fat and weigh 300lbs of muscle, bone, etc, but your heart still has to pump blood through all that extra mass

  21. Arguably even worse with muscle because it requires more circulation

  22. There is to someone like Heard. It must be completely beneath her since she chose that place to shop so she could alert TMZ and garner sympathy.

  23. Eh not really. TJ Maxx holds really high end designer stuff in nicer areas where she’s shopping. The stuff is much pricier than a TJ Maxx in the Midwest lol

  24. TBH, I thinkbthis is fluff. If exchange works, awesome. But zelenskyy can't promise to perform something that takes two to complete.

  25. Well obviously, it’s a strategic political move and I don’t blame him. Garnering as much American/Western support as possible is crucial.

  26. This move makes the FDA look weak as shit. Way to single out a singular entity despite 100’s of less regulated ones still on the market. Idiots

  27. I don’t want to live in virtual reality or even want a headset for that matter. Figure out away to make glasses that give you the same info as a phone while still being present in reality and not looking ridiculous. Let’s focus on the problems here on earth, rather than teleport to what’s essentially some dumbass internet chat room

  28. Weird that you made two similar posts within an hour in the same sub lmao

  29. Honestly the ranch owner was stupid for taking the company stock, Milton sucks though.

  30. Yeah when you get the chance you’re going to want to toss a meteor at that to clear the ground around it. Lots of mineable gems underneath

  31. Haha it’ll happen to you again more likely than not, there’s a few more scattered around the map buried in mountains

  32. Eh he’s always talks about his life after bodybuilding so presumably he believes he’ll make it out of this okay. Who knows what will happen

  33. Ha well then he is delusional. Like everybody who thinks drunk driving won't hurt them. Maybe it won't, but it a big risk to take.

  34. We all think we’re invincible until we aren’t.

  35. Bruh the gyno police on this sub are unbelievable I don’t even think he has any, it’s just his nipple lmao

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