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  1. Computer: संगणक/ संगणक यंत्र

  2. आपके लगने न लगने से क्या होता है? शब्द हैं तो है।

  3. So, if you don't wanna mutilate another language to turn it into Sanskrit-lite, you're anti-Sanskrit? Why not just stick to Sanskrit if you'reso in love with it? I know, it's too hard for you people.

  4. If you love urdu so much as to ignore the obvious why don't you go to R/urdu or something. OMG I can't with these R/librandu people they always ruin subreddits.

  5. Whataboutism much.... Argument was not this...You said Urdu came first and was a completely separate language, I proved it wrong.

  6. Interesting. People in Sri Lanka and India have the name Surya as well.

  7. Surya is sanskrit for Sun. Prakasa is sanskrit for light. Satria is Indonesian origin for warrior which is probably from kshatriya a Sanskrit word for warrior. Indian Hindu kingdoms ruled Indonesia and during that time introduced hinduism and hence introduced sanskrit there too.

  8. Cholas didn't introduce hinduism to indonesia bruh. Indonesia was hindus since the days of kalinga trade with Bali and Funan.

  9. There are no authentic manuscripts of manusmriti available. All manuscripts found were very new and with contradicting shlokas. It's like one page says live peacefully and 3 pages after it is contradicts itself saying kill everyone. I read this on Wikipedia(nowadays not a good source) page of Gandhi ig (I am not sure if I remember correctly on whose wikipedia page I saw it...if I find I will share). I also read about this info by googling and I found the same stuff (unauthentic and tampered manuscripts).

  10. When you realise there are no BJ's in BJP ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. Interested in reading this. Are there multiple translations of it? I want the traditional version.

  12. Indian languages translation are generally better. Geeta press Gorakhpur and Adi Shankaracharya's (also published by geeta press Gorakhpur as srimad bhagvatam sankarabhashya) commentry are best. Geeta Press translations are also best across all languages (they have sanskrit shloka with their translation and meaning also).

  13. There are no urdu origin words. Saal and intezaar has Persian origion. These Persian words when replaced many old hindi words (evolved from pali and Prakrit which were formed from many sanskrit words) became urdu. Urdu is hard persianised hindi. This Persian influence was due to forced imposition of Persian on common people as only Persian was used in courts.

  14. You don't even need a girlfriend because you suck your own dick just fine.

  15. To bsdk yaha validation kyu lene aya hai..... insecure lund saala

  16. This lassi connoisseur was the one spamming old Indian news in international subreddits to get racist comments

  17. Churchill gay. That being said, I hope everybody here knows that the UK is the size of fucking Uttar pradesh. Don’t wanna be a bummer but I don’t get it how surpassing a country the size of one of our state is a grand feat. Again, Not hating. Could anyone explain otherwise?

  18. It is the size of Uttar Pradesh but wealth of many colonies looted from them. Looted wealth is what helped in industrialization of UK.

  19. Then why isn't it that women in their periods can choose to abstain from religious things rather than women in their periods have to abstain from religious things.

  20. Bhakti and meditation with a goal needs concentration. You can't concentrate in extreme discomfort and pain. I haven't seen menstruation is impure in any text (if you take the right commentary and translations). Many english and even our native language translations if not taken from a good author have many mistranslations and misinterpretations which are sometimes willingly to spread their religion. Ironically all these religions themselves believe this and have menstruation is impure someway or the other.

  21. U r talking about a time when there was no sanitary napkins or soaps. Wudnt u prefer to be away from normal people instead of spreading the germ ridden hands everywhere? I don't know if u r male or female but consider it. Wud u like ur female family members to change their cloth pads without washing their hands with soap and cooking ur food? Or cleaning such cloth pad with only water and then doing Pooja archana? I wouldn't tbh. It's all about hygiene

  22. Brother I think you replied to the wrong comment. We just spoke the same thing, you must be replying to the other guy.

  23. I wasn't exactly talking to you. Also, how does that excuse them (the commenter)? Perhaps you still haven't realised that not everyone is the same. I merely stated that this is infact xenophobic (or racism, but I am willing to admit that I was wrong about that). Maybe some Islamic people hate Hinduism. But that gives no one, I repeat, no one, a reason for aggression. Especially in Hinduism, which places a heavy emphasis on peace and love for all, aswell as most other religions.

  24. Well I do accept that Chola should have had the spotlight. Shivaji is mostly known for defending Hinduism from Mughals, which mostly took place on land, and he is not known for his Naval force. Rajendra Chola is known for taking over South-East Asia, thanks to his superior Naval tactics. But still though, it's good that we are moving away from the colonial mindset and taking inspiration from Indian Kingdoms

  25. Its not wrong, Navy should have cholas and nothing to with shivaji.

  26. Chatrapati Shivaji defeated Mughals to establish hindavi swaraj (self rule) and his struggle signifies gaining independence. Maratha kingdom also covered most of the parts of modern India.

  27. Guy who is naturally brave, thinks bravery is normal. Now that's brave.

  28. No it is separate. Hunaman ji would feel time as any of us would if you are asking this. A year isn't equal to a divine year for even divine beings but a separate unit of time in itself. 1 divine year= 360 solar years(the ones we keep track of)

  29. 'Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.'

  30. I don't know about others but I pronounce it correctly. The trick is I pronounce the म part of राम the longer. And it automatically adds the sound of A... But correct pronunciation mei kafi subtle ( A ) ki sound aati hai , angrejon Ki tarah ( AAAAA ) nahin aati hai.

  31. " The Sanskrit channel " dekha hai kya.

  32. 'आपका गृहनगर कहां है? ' गृहनगर का अंग्रेज़ी में अनुवाद करें तो वह hometown हि होगा।

  33. अपने 'where is your hometown' का हिन्दी अनुवाद पूछा और मैंने बताया। अगर दिनचर्या में अधिक लोगों द्वारा प्रयोग करने वाला शब्द ही चाहिए था तो यह प्रश्न ही क्यों पूछा, सीधा-सीधा सरल तरीके से 'कहां से हो?' का प्रयोग कर लेते।

  34. Me and the Bois waiting for dhula to arrive so that we can open shaadi buffet dinner.

  35. Yes, what you said didn't even match with what I wrote. You just got offended that I wrote 'Western nations may also have unreported cases' and further gave an example of US that you completely ignored the point in which I said that even if you multiply the rape rate of India by 6 and add it to the original rape rate, it would still be way less than US and UK. Even if you multiply it by 20 considering that 20 times the original rape rate isn't reported in India still the rape rate would be less than US and UK as they have rape rate of around 26-27.

  36. Because that was deliberate in that it was a response to your original comment to show how grim the situation in this country. And you clearly missed the context I used the word “social rejection” or “trauma”. You’re not a bright one are you?

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