1. It reminds me of that SpongeBob “* Breathe in * Boi” meme

  2. I made a similar post last month, a few days after the last mini quest was released. In that thread, I praised the premise and setup of the Legacy of Zamorak arc, and then raised a few points similar to yours, such as pacing and characterisation, and how this whole Legacy of Zamorak arc has felt really lacklustre. In essence, it’s as you say, the expectation was that we would learn more about Zamorak and his followers in a post-God Gielinor, however so far we’ve learnt absolutely nothing new.

  3. Was in the frown store way back when, nicknamed the bucket helmet it’s the knight aspirant tournament helmet I wish they’d bring it back. High isles would’ve been the perfect time to

  4. I believe it’s with the Iron Atronach crates, which will hopefully resurface sometime soon. I think it was one of the Epic rewards (2000 Endevour tokens) from that crate?

  5. I must revisit those books again, it’s been a very long time. That, and another one was released somewhat recently!

  6. The storyline itself is interesting, but as you say, it's mostly offscreen and told to us, not shown.

  7. That’s a good way of putting it. Of course, the player character shouldn’t always be the centre of everything, but here it’s a case of we’re told what’s happening and nothing on screen to show it has happened. It’s like when Ful awoke from the Anachronia volcano. You’d have expected (judging by the relevant cutscene picture) a destroyed volcano and volcanic rocks scattered across the island and in the sea. Instead, it looked as though nothing had changed.

  8. Hip plates always ruin a good look; wish I could toggle them off.

  9. Same with the cloth flaps on most chest pieces. Depending on what you have, it will clip with your leg armour. They should really be toggled as well!

  10. The flag of the UK, but it’s now committing a war crime by using the Red Cross in the incorrect way

  11. I remember making a werewolf moc back in the day using the Fenrir wolf head from that set

  12. Alt timeline: The Brotherhood of Makuta summon Kaiju, mysterious colossal beings from the Zone of Darkness. Their size and destructive nature puts the entirety of the Matoran Universe in peril. In response to the new threat, the Toa build giant Jaegers, with the aid of Nuparu, to fight them.

  13. That’s not Nick Fury, that’s Sergeant Knox from Neverwinter

  14. It’s not that he was a “bad monarch”, more one that was ultimately unready for the responsibility after his father was killed. I’m other words, I don’t think he was trying to be a feared ruler (an example is that it was the Okhrana who mustered and opened fire on the protest outside the palace in 1905, not orders from the Tsar himself). A lot of things were against him, and unfortunately it ended in the worst possible way.

  15. It’s not so much “hate”, more like “why are they making this now?”. It’s a similar case to “Black Widow”, in that why are we made to care about a character who died and has been dead for years prior?

  16. If you haven't heard of Dan Bull/douglby, look up his skyrim raps!

  17. That or any of Young Scrolls’ Elder Scrolls character EPs/albums

  18. Could have been a unique, light fun thing if completing the quests unlocked your character being able to play the instruments.

  19. The headmaster would probably die mid quest line and then you take over by the end

  20. I remember, many years ago, I got muted by a pmod once for typing “@@@“ a bunch of times in a Castle Wars lobby, something which a few people in that lobby were doing at the time. Everyone else doing it got off scot-free.

  21. “I try to run away but dreams are catching me, haunting me, forcing me to go on and on and on and on….”

  22. Gonna be honest, I never liked “Facr Me” as a song. I’ve always felt “Crashed” worked better in the commercial too.

  23. That’s fair. I think they’re both excellent, and both songs are stronger at certain moments of the Mahri trailer.

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