1. This song actually saved my life. I thought about "opting out" and had never listened to it and decided to listen. It made me cry and saved my life. I want to personally thank her one day

  2. i also want to personally thank her one day for the same reason :]

  3. Honest suggestion; I think Donut Media's "Money Pit" series would be a great place for you to start learning about modding your personal vehicle. These wheels don't look like they'll hold up to much, in other words, they seem cheap in terms of quality. You're better off saving up for a more reputable brand.

  4. for me it's fist. i had this song playing when i received the news that my grandfather had passed away. every time it plays i'm reminded of that moment so I try to avoid this wonderful song.

  5. some pictures would be nice. but under $6k for a type s with under 200k miles sounds like a W

  6. i haven’t heard the song or remember the commercial but this instantly made me think of the mandela effect lol. like why wouldn’t i be surprised if it wasn’t actually that song, and you just remember it differently. or don’t remember it correctly.

  7. I'm begging to doubt my memory. but i remember as a kid seeing ariana next to jeanette talking about some nick thing (maybe or the app? idk) and then she said to check out boyfriend material. I'm almost certain it was this song because i remember looking for the song and never being able to find it anywhere else but on youtube

  8. i was literally just replying to your other comment saying i feel for you 😭. when you have something like this (where you’re trying to find something you think you remember) it just kills away at you (or whatever that phrase is). the fact that you can’t find it and just have to give up..

  9. i could be wrong but i think that's the song she was promoting. I found a

  10. This post actually falls under plagiarism, since you did not use quotation marks to properly quote this.

  11. I’m one of those old-head Deftones fans and don’t know what the word Rizz means.

  12. i believe it's synonymous for "having game" as in you are good with the ladies.

  13. I wish i did own this! to everyone saying i posted this:

  14. What actually is this? It doesn’t look too terrible

  15. i wish i knew which noise you were referring to

  16. Honestly, all the unreleased tracks leaked in the last month have made the wait so much easier for AG7 😅 A handful of them are high quality and are still replayable. I've been relistening to a lot of the recent leaks on repeat lately.

  17. How do you keep track of the leaks and know when they release?

  18. my balls are so itchy i don't think it's a good thing but it feels soo good

  19. Wait…. Momo makes steering wheels for our cars?

  20. Yes i swapped the JDM airbag out with the USDM one

  21. i like to think that every idea in everyones conscious spawns and becomes a reality somewhere in our mere infinite universe

  22. Actually if you re-watch the series Ted was the one who really ****ed her

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