1. I actually like the majority of the openings in all seasons. The only other one I'm not a big fan of is Polaris.

  2. But consider this. What if I think that the openings that I like are also bangers?

  3. Like it so fricked up how bad some of these Quirks are. Like I read a fic where the guys Quirk gave him glass bones and paper skin or some bs like that. Basically a living hell. I wouldn't doubt a Quirk like that existed

  4. Oh no, my mother feels comfortable when i am home alone with her...if it bothers you tell her and don't be a bitch about it on the internet. It is called communication

  5. Is that just a common thing people do? Going to the bathroom with the door open like that, I mean.

  6. Personally i dont even close the door when close friends are over, had some of the best conversations taking a dump

  7. I actually haven't watched DBZ (though I wanna watch the abridged one), my friends just make a lot of "Goku is a bad dad" jokes, so eh 😅

  8. I have only seen one other video of this kind. I must know the name of this sacred sport so I may find more.

  9. Dirk canonically beat him at being cool in Act 4 though…

  10. My top 3 were Simeon (100%), Asmodeus (92%), and Mammon (85%). I find it interesting cuz I've never really looked into info about Simeon. Might have to think about him more 🤔

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