Brasil [2] - 0 Serbia - Richarlison 73’

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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  1. Oh really? Are you talking about the one before the anime convention?

  2. oh i have no idea. i can't remember the stream title but it must be a long stream so just check his recent vods that are at least a few hours long

  3. I know the golden generation is over, i know Morocco is a really good team, but i expect a bit more than this man.

  4. Kdb is overrated. People say he's one of the best prem midfielders of all time lmfao. But he looks absolutely lost when he isn't surrounded by world class players like his club.

  5. everyone around the world knows he's the goat

  6. One of the most infuriating things that I have come across is the incredible criticism of India for buying oil from Russia. It is a morally dubious thing to do, yes but when America does the same and ignores the horrible things the Saudi Govt is doing in Yemen. It is treated as an unfortunate compromise that Americans have to make and not as something which paints the whole country as evil.

  7. And the thing is, European nations are still continuing to buy Russian gas. But it's different because Europeans need it and they have no choice. But countries like India? Nah they're directly supporting Putin's regime.

  8. Has a manager ever been sacked mid world cup? If not, england need to make it a first by sacking southgate

  9. Wtf is this take, and people upvoted this? They are the reigning Asian champions and won in style, incl. against Japan and Korea.

  10. they prob think goals are called points LOL

  11. and yet some journalists have the audacity to get mad when iranian players at the world cup refuse to answer their questions that fish for a soundbite whilst ignoring any potential consequences for the players.

  12. As much as we're all enjoying the embarrassment the Qatari government must be feeling right now, I'm happy for the Qatari players that they got to experience the joy of scoring a great goal in open play at the world cup.

  13. I'm just happy the hosts scored a goal before they got knocked out. Hopefully Senegal can beat Ecuador and qualify from here.

  14. eula locked up in the basement, hoyo really hates her and no one can prove me wrong

  15. They're saving her for 3.5 to run with Mika

  16. it may be true, but that's not the argument the reporter is using. her justification is that she is asking an Iranian player about his own country.

  17. Why did you delete your first reply just to say the exact same thing??

  18. damn, some people take this stuff too seriously

  19. Whoever that second commentator was on BBC should never be allowed to commentate a Brazil match again. Just non stop fucking moaning and negativity

  20. Brazil fans about to send death threats to no. 4

  21. I watch a lot of football, that was an insane goal

  22. Never said it wasn't insane. But one of the best ever?

  23. Brazilians were saying Tit was supposed to be good? Tf is this?

  24. There's a big difference between crimes that were done decades ago and crimes that were done in the last 10 years. But tbh unless there's a big outrage in media, stuff like this will be ignored.

  25. Mystery resolved: I’m Egyptian. My team did not qualify. I support African teams because I’m African and Arab teams because I’m Arab. I change the flair depending on which team is playing

  26. Sucks to see this as fede fan, ig it was in under-20 world cup when he was 18 and later said that it was a private celebration for his friend or something, idk how much true it is lol

  27. that's the most bait excuse i've ever seen lmfao

  28. Uruguay have obviously been told to foul and injure son. Dirty team

  29. Valverde is being wasted. Why is he so deep?

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