1. There can't be a crime when everything belongs to him. Rather it's a crime you didn't let him chew it earlier:8710: 10/10 good bun

  2. Awe what a little cutie! She sitting so nicely just trying to figure out when you are going to help her decide what should we do after you give me the nanna chunk, then I will decide if I should play with you or take a nap. Adorable.

  3. "nicely" for sure:8706:

  4. She's thinking about different ways she can be even more adorably cute!

  5. Can she even be any more cute than this???

  6. Well child, you will need to earn that 1.99. Firstly you will need to wake me up at 5:30 demanding pallets and while I tiredly stumble around to get you said pallets, you must pee on the bed.

  7. The nana fee shall always be paid upfront:8710:

  8. Wow that’s a LOT of shedding! My bun has the same hair texture but does not shed to that extent at all. Though he does go into statis a few times during each moulting cause he’s that thic. 🙃

  9. And thats only the beginning. Even when its not molting season I have to brush her every 2 days, 3 if lucky. For an hour. Otherwise theres fur in her poop. Its really extreme with this one. Vet said nothings wrong though, so I just got the one who sheds the most in the litter. But that means no holiday ever since no one can brush her well :8708:

  10. You definitely win this competition. 😅 Then again, mine are uncooperative so I can only defluff a few minutes each day.

  11. O no, this is not even half of the whole misery. This was 3 hours in total on one side. Of course with breaks. Understandibly she fought me on this one. Second day was more like 4+ hours total considering that I started the other side. Today, who knows how long it will be, since the other side now looks like a crater. You can debate on if it's a blessing or not because she will be done shedding much quicker but you have to do a really good job with the brushing fast and ..its..not...STOPPING! Mine already has stomach issues and also fur problems so, this much is a must..

  12. As long as she's not bloated, massaging gently should be fine.

  13. Shes a white gray striped lion head so maybe half white in total or even less. Vet has never mentioned about it even though I always come back to her for problems.

  14. Sounds like maybe just a sensitive stomach rather than megacolon then based on color alone, but a lot of vets aren't familiar with the condition and might not consider it real.

  15. The vet I go to is specialized in rabbits and also owns some and she was the only one who diagnosed my rabbit and saved her last november, so I trust her. But shes not available until Wednesday or even later. With the sensitive stomach Id agree for sure thus shes given the oxbow digestive ones. Just this diarrhea timing and her not stopping stomach sound is really weird timing and stressing me out since my vets not there so I just hope shes okay

  16. For anyone interested. The vet said the hay thing was ridiculous and to feed more, although obviously not too much but a handful is just not going to work. Sadly I had the assistent from yesterday on the phone again and I asked about the medicine and said the amount is correct(she also wasnt really interested).

  17. I do understand restricting to some degree if nothing inside her would work at all. But she drinks eats poops exercises binkies. Everything works, even if not 100% but close to it based on her acting. She doesnt look like she almost died on me.

  18. Ich persönlich halte gar nix von Stylevana.

  19. Ich würde bis nächste Woche abwarten und wenn sich bis dahin nix tut die auf Facebook anschreiben damit die dann auf deine Emails antworten. Meist kommen aber antworten wo man denkt es wäre ein bot, also viel Gedult bei der Website ist angesagt leider. Wenn sich bis nächsten Monat garnix tut, dann müsste man sich überlegen ob es sich dort überhaupt noch lohnt.

  20. How many spacers [total spacers in mm height] do you currently have below the stem on the Cube?

  21. I haver 3 spacers with a total of 20mm

  22. I think the best/cheapest thing to do at the moment would be to find a cheap 110mm stem with similar angle to your 90mm. A 105mm would be good also if you can find one. A bike shop may have some used cheapies in a box they could sell you. Just make sure same steerer and bar dia spec.

  23. This is some good advice!

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