1. The majority of Boomers have retired. It's mostly Gen X running things now.

  2. Chemical castration? What's wrong with the old fashioned way?

  3. Cool design but I hate flimsy desks and this looks flimsy as hell, as if leaning on it would cause it to collapse.

  4. Agreed. It looks like they were being very careful not to jar it too much, and it was still wiggling like jello. I wouldn't dream of leaning on it. It looks like putting a book on it will make it collapse.

  5. Idk, we have this where I live and it’s been super useful. It warned me of a tornado, sudden freezing weather, a tropical storm, and a flash flood that affected one of the roads I’m regularly on all in the past year. I just viewed it as a weather alert function, but for severe weather items.

  6. We get them here in California, as well. We got a tornado warning a few months ago. Fortunately, the funnel never reached the ground, but it passed directly over our house.

  7. Kind of you to think I have more than 2 glasses that are the same size and shape

  8. Looks suspiciously like bar-style pint glasses, as well.

  9. For me, a perk is one of those things where, if it’s done right, it’s divine, but it’s so easy to let it brew for too long and the coffee is over extracted and tastes burnt.

  10. I like mild coffee, so I use medium roast, and 1/2 tablespoon of coffee grounds for every cup of water. If you like stronger coffee then use a darker roast and/or up to a tablespoon of coffee grounds per cup of water.

  11. Either a three legged monster, or kids playing hopscotch.

  12. The language isn't the issue. Star Basic is syntactically similar enough to Visual Basic. The problem is that the UNO API doesn't resemble the VBA system API at all, and both Java and Python developers still have to use the UNO API in LibreOffice macros.

  13. Oh I know it's been everywhere as an insult, but I honestly can't remember it being used as a medical diagnosis (for reference, my brother was severely autistic, but he was never diagnosed as retarded. I just checked with my mother about that)

  14. It was commonly used to refer to a medical diagnoses through the 60's and 70's. I can remember it clearly. But while individuals might have been referred to as "mentally retarded" or "retarded" by the medical field, they were not themselves called "retards". Referring to someone as a "retard" was always considered to be a slur. That's my recollection, anyway.

  15. They would get the same result if a guy with COVID sneezed on a butcher's table that was used for cutting up raccoon dogs.

  16. How do you define slander and libel? For some people slander can include “misgendering” or “deadnaming”, for others - it means something else. You can’t regulate such vague, open-to-different-interpretations concepts without infringing on someone’s free speech rights.

  17. Slander and libel are easily defined. They are saying or writing something about someone that is knowingly untrue, and possibly defamatory. Neither is illegal from a criminal perspective, but the victim can take action in civil court to recover from the defamation.

  18. The First Amendment of the US Constitution says "freedom of speech".

  19. He’s the former president of the United States, I’m almost positive someone already has his prints on file as part of his security clearances. They also likely have DNA samples and the rest of that sort of data squirreled away somewhere for security too. People get fingerprinted all the time… heck, anyone who works in a blood bank or a fair number of research labs gets federally background checked and fingerprinted because they use irradiators that have large chunks of radioactive cesium in them. So I’d be very shocked if the president isn’t fingerprinted as part of the job

  20. If he's booked then he'll be fingerprinted and photographed anyway. Then he'll post bail and walk out.

  21. I don't think New York even does cash bail anymore for nonviolent offenses, so they'll probably skip that step and just let him walk out.

  22. I saw a YT video yesterday from The Quartering where the headline stated that Trump would be arrested and denied bail. I watched the video and he never really provided a credible source for the claim that he would be denied bail, so it was probably just click bait.

  23. I've seen this one before. I'm not going to bother doing the research again. Suffice it to say that transmission is not from that vehicle. It probably fell out of a passing truck.

  24. Law reflects the moral views of the community. In some communities those moral views are bound to be colored by religion. The Constitution doesn't prohibit this, nor does it prohibit lawmakers from proposing laws motivated by their own religious beliefs. What it prohibits is the recognition of any "official" state religion (the Establishment clause), which precludes any direct role for any church in government.

  25. Some builders install apps that install tik tok... this isnt Microsoft...

  26. He didn't say it was Microsoft. He said TikTok came preinstalled on his new laptop. That's not surprising since vendors often preload apps that don't come with a bare metal Windows install.

  27. I had no problem with lockdowns related to hospitals being overwhelmed. Because if they get swamped it really can fuck things up from a health point. Travel restrictions to try limit spreading also logical. Surgeons wear masks to prevent infection so logical. And support to smaller businesses is crucial fuck big companies.

  28. All except for the masks. Though they didn't know it at the time, this virus is airborne. It goes through masks like they weren't there. Masks and social distancing was a waste of time. They didn't slow the spread at all.

  29. Would gravity be doing the work? Or would the apple simply be using the potential energy it already stored?

  30. That's the way our middle school science teacher explained it to us. If you move an object from the floor to the table then you've stored potential energy in that object. If you push that object off the table then that stored energy becomes kinetic energy while the object is falling to the floor, and is depleted once the object hits the floor.

  31. Most state license plate slogans have nothing to do with any person from that state

  32. That's because most state license plate mottos have nothing to do with any person. A notable exception is Illinois (Land of Lincoln).

  33. He'll be out on bail within hours. There's no point protesting this.

  34. The report hasn't been peer reviewed yet. The database was removed soon after this report was released.

  35. It's a bit of an art. Right amount of ground coffee. Right amount of water. Right amount of perk time. As long as you're in the ballpark then you'll still get a great tasting pot of coffee.

  36. RIP. btw does anyone know the name of this episode?

  37. Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender

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