1. 2/3rds of the House, 2/3rds of the Senate, and then 3/4ths of the state legislatures have to ratify it. The chances of that happening aren't zero, but they are very very low.

  2. Civilians should not be targeted just for the sake of killing civilians. What do you do, however, when the enemy is using civilians as a shield? What do you do when they place a rocket launcher next to a hospital or an elementary school? Do you allow them to use that rocket launcher to kill your own soldiers rather than taking it out and risk killing some civilians in the process?

  3. This can't actually be done by executive proclamation. There needs to be legislation behind it. So far, there is none.

  4. I'm not bothered by the fact that they don't support Linux. Critical mass, and all that. I am, however, pissed that they consider switching to one of their supported OS's to be an "upgrade".

  5. It is a myth that all companies have to accept cash because it's legal tender. All companies have to accept legal tender to pay off a debt but they can choose to not sell you something with cash. Calling a restaurant and placing an order does not create a debt until you get the food. They can just choose not to give it to you if all you have is cash, and there's nothing you can do about it, except find another restaurant to buy from.

  6. In the US, it depends on the state or city. Some states require businesses to accept cash, and some are working on bills to require it. The state of Massachusetts has required it since 1978. New Jersey and Rhode Island passed laws in 2019. San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York City also have laws requiring it.

  7. Actually it kind of does make it correct, since language evolves.

  8. Then that would imply that there's no difference between asking for the consequences if you're bitten or stung, and the consequences if you eat it. I would think it's a pretty important distinction if you plan to pick it up but not eat it.

  9. Do you also pet fuzzy caterpillars?

  10. Second thread I've seen today about saving burial space? Are we desperately short on space to bury the dead?

  11. An entire paragraph of insults without refuting a single point the OP made. Where is the murder?

  12. 'Round here they just say "Gringo".

  13. Ads are the reason the game is free. You turn off internet access and they'll stop the game from working. Pretty simple.

  14. Well, a hospital ER would never turn someone away for not being in network. It's a violation of federal law.

  15. Function should have been named isEvenOrElse.

  16. It's much more effective than acetaminophen alone against headaches, especially migraine. The brand name Excedrin has been a combination of caffeine, acetaminophen, and aspirin for decades. The caffeine works as an amplifier for the pain relievers. Many migraine sufferers have symptoms that occur before the actual headache pain begins, also called prodrome symptoms. These medications taken during the prodrome phase can greatly reduce the severity and duration of the migraine headache.

  17. I'm confused. How can you have a religious objection to the COVID vaccine, but not have a religious objection to the flu vaccine?

  18. Right, threatening others with a gun is so peaceful and such a mature way of handling differences.

  19. The guy is on your property and he's already said "You want a piece of me?". The only way that's going to end peacefully is if he knows he can't win.

  20. There is only one registered trademark that contains the phrase "will of the people". It's an abandoned trademark for a wine company that was registered in 2007. The full trademark phrase is "Our wine depends on the will of the people who make it, and the spirit of the people who drink it."

  21. My landlord uses an online payment service that charges 2.5% service fee. Or, you can pay in person at Walmart for a flat $4. Or you can mail them a check for free.

  22. Started watching it once. Fell asleep half way through. Never tried again. I just didn't want to sit through the first half again. I watched Titanic all the way through once. Similar reaction. Meh. No desire to watch it again.

  23. Angry dog on your property? Aim and fire.

  24. You don't get the difference between the data and the hypothesis, ok. But you agree the data is valid. So even with the assumption that although there is a strong correlation between CO2 and temperature, you claim that causation can not be determined. Great. The underlying science is correct, the evidence is not up for debate, it's just the causal hypothesis that you disagree with. Cool.

  25. I never said I agreed with the data. I make no claims about the data one way or the other. I'm saying the data they presented does not prove the claim they are making. I have no idea whether the underlying science is correct, but I can make some observations even though this is not my field. I believe the CO2 measurements are more likely to be accurate than the temperature measurements. The CO2 is actually contained in the ICE. The temperature is not. It has to be approximated using a proxy - in this case, the deuterium isotope. I have read articles that claim the deuterium proxy is wildly unreliable as a proxy, but it would only affect the magnitude of the measurement, and not the time in history it would have occurred. I have no idea whether this is true. As I said, this is not my field. But my goal is not to argue for or against the data, but only whether it proves what they claim it proves - that CO2 is the primary driving force behind temperature increase on earth. I say that the data clearly proves this is not true.

  26. Unless you're going to freeze the leftover hamburger meat, you're still looking forward to four consecutive days of meals based on hamburger. Personally, I really like beef and macaroni, or even Hamburger Helper. But I wouldn't want to eat it everyday.

  27. Frozen meat lasts for years in a proper freezer.

  28. Yep. And it doesn't taste as good as it did before it was frozen.

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