1. I'm working on going no contact. It's just very hard when "obey your parents without question" was literally beaten into me.

  2. You are a parent now. They can learn to respect you or not be involved with their grandchild. Talk to your husband and therapist about how and when to have the discussion with them.

  3. I already have had it with them. They gaslit me pretty hard. Now it's just on me to stick to what I said and not let them back in.

  4. When I finally went no contact with my mom, I blocked her on my phone, and set my email to forward her emails to a trusted friend. They told me if there was anything important. If it was bullshit I didn't even look at it. If it was something legit, I would send the answer to my stepdad, I didn't respond to her at all.

  5. I know! Too many goofy drop ceilings where literally no one would've gone up in there to die lol what??

  6. Animals go weird places to die. Maybe people do too?

  7. Guns, Nerds, and Steel was living/fighting in the grain silo thing. It's the farm that has like 6 or 8 silos with what looks like a trailer high up between them. That place is severely elevated and he had a LONG stair case going up to his fighting position but I can't remember exactly how high the silos are there.

  8. I'll be 20 in may (i'm technically still a teenager) and it still feels like i've been 15 for the past 4 years

  9. My grandma in her 80s said she felt 16 inside and was always shocked by the old broad in the mirror.

  10. You could cover it up with another design, or add to it. It becomes a conversation point. Yeah, I used to like this thing, now I'm more into this other thing.

  11. Talking to a therapist is a great idea. It sounds like you need someone who can listen and give you solid advice.

  12. Please google RAINN, they have resources that can help you.

  13. I understand your mix of feelings. I don't think you need to feel any kind of guilt for how this is all going to effect him. He had decades to make things right. This is his bed to lie in. As others have stated, get a lawyer and protect your mom. Then drop the axe on him.

  14. Quick question, why is there always a person filming behind the person filming? Are they with that person or are they just random?

  15. He didn't break vows with you, she did. What you did was a crime.

  16. They don't just give out good loot for free. Expect that kind of stuff. You can put a hatch on The floor to give you a few more moments before they break through to you

  17. Like there wont be one rotten flesh and a some random parts.

  18. FYI to the OP, this is not meant as criticism. Tylenol helps with lowering temperature. But you can also help cool baby by doing tepid bath, not cold but not hot. You can also use a damp washcloth and help baby cool down.

  19. Mail carriers on segway's are going to end society as we know it.

  20. The menu shape is what you noticed?

  21. Everybody they don’t like is Trans.

  22. They didn't like JFK jr when he was alive.

  23. Too bad they didn't do their own research.

  24. Honestly, you never know what arrangements couples have, or what they know. My rule of thumb is to mind my own business.

  25. I’m sure you know this, but you have to melt the raw materials into the forge before you can craft.

  26. IT took me ages to figure this out. I don't know how many forges I destroyed and rebuilt with materials inside before I finally figured it out. And I swear it doesn't explain it anywhere.

  27. This is the story she told on an episode of I Survived. IIRC, she teared up talking about how she killed him because it didn’t feel good to have to take a life, but it was either her or him, and she wasn’t going to die that day.

  28. I vaguely remember when this happened. Wasn't she a nurse?

  29. I guess I'm struggling with the idea of Dad having one bad moment ruining the remainder of his life. I'm also concerned about what would happen if one or both of my brothers don't believe me or take the situation seriously.

  30. Is it possible his thinking is being effected? If there was never any indication before, this seems out of character?

  31. I would assume you had sub tendencies.

  32. So, I tried making punji sticks, but it turns out zombies ignore a block's fall damage modifier. I ended up with a block that was safe to walk over, but a fall from any height onto it was lethal. To players. Zombies don't care. The alternative was to make it do damage like spikes, but that makes it impossible to walk through, which isn't the point. Short of dumping a week into figuring out how to do it with Harmony, I'm out of ideas. If anyone has thoughts, I'd love to hear it.

  33. Your renovations have inspired me to go back and start a new save. I got rid of the blood moon, made the zombies super easy, and I am trying to renovate the houses Hugh sends me to. I allow cheated items for the quest houses. For my personal house, I have to collect the resources (if the item is craftable.)

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