Gamestop is up 14.04% on no news and I haven’t seen any media outlet report about it. So I report about it with this headline: GME is up 14.04% on no news, start asking yourself why.

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  1. The trade deadline is approaching and people like talking about trades. That's half the fun of the NBA.

  2. Yes. This is the correct answer. Listen to how many teams that are in trade rumors every year that never make a move. Get ready for one or 2 minor moves by teams and maybe one big one if common ground is found. But good chance we will get a big nothing.

  3. There we go, insults as soon as you're proven wrong, figured as much 😂

  4. But you know lebron is better than sga and dame riight…. Right?

  5. Literally never said otherwise. Reading comprehension is sorely lacking these days huh?

  6. Who are you putting dame and sga above? I could maybe bring Siakam down below dame. But that’s just because I have not watched him play a game in a long time.

  7. Sometimes it will get installed but won’t be activated for a while. Just a warning it has happened to me a and a few friends. But it’s 1000 times better once you get it.

  8. Go to a local fish store. They will fill your container by the gallon. Fish 4 u is good.

  9. “Fish 4 u” is not good. They are one of the best fish stores I have ever been to. Great knowledge and super high quality fish and plants.

  10. hopkins. everything i have had there was amazing, and you can doodle on a coaster while you sip. the poutine is massive, indulgent, and absolutely worth it.

  11. Also their owner refused to get Covid shot and was one of the first places to reopen during the pandemic. Big ol never going there for me.

  12. They make their own in house wood fired pizzas. Pull up their website for more info.

  13. I’ve been to everyone of these places and had most of the food suggested. I’m trying to get more specific to see if I’ve missed anything good. Or just hear some good suggestions.

  14. *Got real chill once he realized his antics cost one of his sons millions of dollars

  15. Right do they even compare? Balls dad went on the espn tour then he made the sneaker deal mistake… Tee just looks like a supportive father on the side lines. What crazy stuff has he done? I keep looking but can’t find a thing.

  16. I don’t think it’ll end up being that different from the last few years.

  17. I 100% agree with you landscapes change very quickly. I personally think we have not seen a worse west. The 4-10 seeds just got a lot better making competition every night. Just because there is no super team does not mean the west is weak.

  18. The ol 7 game losing streak according to stat counters or random guy on nba Reddit.

  19. Yeah, but that could be edited. And it's probably not a selfie, she's just holding the phone up to make it look like a selfie for a photographer.

  20. That’s really it here. They’re antagonizing people on purpose, and high-roading by staying within laws.

  21. One thing I hear often is…. Just leave this person who works in a job that does not pay well alone. Just as much the case here for me. Those people know they were gonna piss someone off who does not get paid great and probably was having a crap day. He definitely did not know this guy from filming a cool truck out front that’s the fakest part of the video.

  22. They dick heads. Guy was also wrong for freaking out.

  23. Well Utah kinda deserves it with their history of what qualifies as good food. People get sad and excited about chain restaurants opening and closing in Utah. No other place in the world have I experienced that.

  24. Fuck Bally Sports and Fuck The Sinclair Broadcast Group

  25. Well… it’s not 1404% so honestly I don’t care either….

  26. Bewilder has metal tip darts, although I feel like they could have invested in some less flimsy boards and darts. That said, some of our best beers, so it's a pretty fine place to play a few rounds.

  27. Another great thing is that they have a good amount of dart boards. I never need to wait to play.

  28. Park city or Alta…. Well pick one are you going to both? Getting from park city to Alta might be longer than airport to Alta.

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