1. They will end up being nerfs overall, watch and see. They have been removing utility from them for years and now want to add it back? Lol....

  2. Poorly aged comment. You can delete it now. We won't judge.

  3. Been beating this war drum since long ago in early access. Sorry to tell you this is another topic where you are talking to a wall with them.

  4. WOAH! Never thought I would see it. An actual change to function for balancing instead of just pointlessly trying to number tweak. MORE!

  5. i'm also just really salty how shb decided to separate gatherer and crafter tribes, a trend that seems like is going to be the standard for every expac from now on. so i kind of resent the qitari for being the first example of that.

  6. wtf are you on about? That's a complete positive. Having tribes that can be dedicated EXP income sources for crafting and gathering is great.

  7. Vanu. There can be NO other answer. And I say that with the Sylphs and their stupid fate dailies that rarely spawn. The Sea of Clouds suffers the usual HW map issue of awful aetheryte placements. The quests also always work against each other to make sure there is never any good one track pathing you can come up with.

  8. Too many better items in any situation

  9. This is another problem with not allowing optional content to reference each other too strongly. If you've done the roles quests

  10. I think you just misunderstand the content actually. This has nothing to do with them playing around optional content stories. Endwalker in fact has by far been the best with SE writing multiple branching dialogue routes even for voiced scenes based on content the player has done. Got reaper? Acknowledged. Got max level Reaper? Acknowledged. Did the role quests and their finale? That IS acknowledged in the story.

  11. But there isn't any acknowledgment of it. Like sure, maybe it wouldn't solve her problem, but has anyone at all thought to even introduce her? Or to offer for her to go visit Sharlayan like various other Ways? I think the way they're handling the loporrits at large is great, I just feel like Counselingway is kind of whatever even in the quests themselves. We have a scene about how broken she is, but despite speaking with Livingway about it directly, Livingway hasn't... sent her to Etheirys to actually interact with the people she loved from afar, or help the ones who have decided to make the Moon their home integrate and get over the differences. It's be smaller scale, sure, but it would be a start, a spark to maybe kick her out of the despondence.

  12. Again, you really are not getting it. Counselingway just visiting Sharlayan or something would not provide them with what they spent their life for. The entire point of the tribe quests is helping them find things that give them meaning so they can live for themselves. Because they are NOT going to get to help people that have been displaced like they spent their life preparing for.

  13. my friend and i do toxic shit in joust sometimes but only when provoked by equally toxic shit. if you BM all game and yet we still wind up clobbering the enemy team, you arent getting the W, youre getting the double F7 when the titan is at 50%HP. ill take that L any day of the week, idc how long that match took. the longer, the better.

  14. They are only for glam and if there isn't anything compelling to get from them for me then they aren't worth learning/struggling to find a decent party for.

  15. You lost me at you built toxic blade. Don't do that.

  16. More pay to play to earn instead of play to earn cosmetics. Absolutely nothing improving the game or appealing enough to warrant coming back and certainly not to spend more.

  17. I do think the free version of the pass is very barren, and could use some more stuff, but at least if you complete the pass you can get the next season free.

  18. No you can't. Unless they changed the rewards from the initial pass releases, you would have to complete multiple free tracks to ever get a full one. Then full complete all of those to maintain just getting more passes. Battlepasses, especially of that type, are not good models. They don't respect people taking time away from a game and that is a common issue in Crema's design.

  19. There is no stat difference. None. There is no scenario of any race performing differently. It's just a little myth for flavor at character creation. It's not even so small it doesn't matter like other comments say, just disregard the whole notion there is any to begin with.

  20. We need another 6hr emergency hotfix maintenance. Get it fixed

  21. Personaly im turned off by his looks and voice, not his kit. I still dont get why people find that thing cute

  22. Because people have better tastes then you I guess. Maybe get used to other opinions being a thing and stop thinking you need to understand it

  23. Freetemming is a valid activity for events, and in general. The issue is that it shouldn’t be considered the main avenue of Pansun making. We’re already looking into how to keep freeze under control for pvp and not make freetem more difficult for pve, so we’re not letting this be nothing, rest assured!

  24. You are wrong. It is not valid for events because it is neither fun nor engaging. The most active aspect to Freetem is every time people need to find the next most efficient change because pvp changes screw over the little pve the game has.

  25. "We don't want people doing them regularly" Was the first real way to make money, farm out core progression items, capped because they knew some were no lifing it, made more accessible to try getting more players to do it, gets made mandatory for events, etc.

  26. "Were you expecting the release of an ambitious new mode with tons of new code interactions to not have bugs?" Sure is a different sort of thing to say from what you are claiming.

  27. The item doesn't exist outside of assault. (PSA it's not good there either) It obviously needs some. High HP isn't really meaning anything if you still just take larger damage because of having less prots. If anything it just seems especially dumb to get because things like soul reaver and qins are basically at 100% usage rates.

  28. That’s fine. Itemization can be game mode dependent, there’s nothing wrong with having niche items in the game like that. Imagine how broken it would become IN assault if prots were to be added…

  29. I don't think there is any issue with items being used to different degrees in different modes. But Stone of Gaia being built purely for a way to try having some HP and MP sustain in assault is not good. It doesn't have ANY value outside assault the only thing it can contribute are HP and the passive and in other modes basically anything beats it.

  30. It's Baba. She is already like one of the easiest mages to stack that thing with while her house stacks the other multiple items she grabs.

  31. Assault. Had a dud build glad shield first on supp the other day against an all-magic comp. Then there’s the players that instead of pushing after killing 4 enemies, they’ll run all the way back to their own fountain thirsting for the 5th guy who is obviously trolling and stalling for time yet WITHOUT FAIL my teammates w key him and ruin chances to end and win the game. Every single game there is a MINIMUM of 1-2 braindead people on my team alone

  32. I just spam ping "it's a trap" now while pushing still when I see the guy trying to herd the mindless team away from taking objectives. If they don't catch on after 2 seconds of that its just not worth caring. And I'll just do it myself too when I can. Stall baiting is actually so disgustingly easy to pull off in that mode on people.

  33. Assault. it's not a contest even. My faith in a team is always decided by the time we leave spawn because if I see people didn't build for their mana sustain or auras it's just gonna be another boring match of turtling while everyone else is OoM.

  34. Slash. I understand why people hated Siege's map but we lost a unique 2v2 laning mode with a unique gold start amount and whatever tf Clash was trying to be just to get the worst of everything. Slash does like nothing right. 2 lanes basically glued to each other with a 5th player. From start to end it has no real lane mode and people just run back and forth constantly to try getting kills while whatever team has less pressure remains in towers.

  35. Wait losing that battle actually counts?! Isn't the only way to beat the first max battle to pick Crystle?

  36. You can't win the first battle with any of the starters in normal mode. It's a hard scripted defeat.

  37. Yoooo, scalie Teryx? Here of all places?

  38. Got myself a completely maxed Mountain support if you wanted to add me to give tiger daddy a try. BlyZeraz#6695 and Bly#5933

  39. Oh look, the missing temtem bug I reported for hard locking my game the day 1.0 launched turned up again. :D

  40. Wow, someone included a results option

  41. Max level temtem drain exp gains still. Only way to prevent it is with Ignoramus cloak which takes one tem out of the exp split. Been an issue since forever they won't change.

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