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  1. Assault is assault. He has a right to self defence.

  2. Not sure what the title is refering to but after inflation :

  3. Was gonna do this but you beat me to it. A couple of details to add.

  4. Interestingly, it seems dual income has picked up quite a lot since the 60s, which makes household income less of an indication of how bad it is.

  5. Oh I hadn't even thought of that. Dual income being such a big factor would imply that individual income is actually half of what it should be.

  6. Did I typo? If so what did I get wrong, not my first language.

  7. I can't see a typo, not sure what the comment is about

  8. But a sword isn’t a spell so thunderous smite should work. Let’s say he’s stabbed with a sword made form fabricate, does it work?

  9. You misinterpret. The sword here will still do regular sword damage, however the spell cast to add additional damage will not.

  10. The best response I ever saw to this was "The bright colours are designed to repel predators not potential mates. If you're repelled by this, it's working"

  11. They also lose a large amount if not all of their benefits from marrying. A lot of disabled people have to choose not to marry their partners because they simply cannot afford to and doing so could ruin them.

  12. Fun fact, the more you roast the beans the less caffeine they contain

  13. What's funny about posts like this is that they had to edit all the characters to be black because in the animations they are not, in fact, black. They're so short on persecution that have to create their own.

  14. We don’t really care if our candidates are child murdering, domestic abusers as long as they aren’t democrats. -Republicans.

  15. At this point I've seen multiple republican voters outright announce on social media that they would rather be given false info and maintain their beliefs than be given correct info and become a democrat. They didn't even dress it up or veil the statement, they just straight up said it. It's an actual cult.

  16. If Bunag was a dem politician he would have been immediately condemned following the charge. Republicans make no moves to charge a single person, Gaetz is still happily sat in congress for example. Both have pedophiles, the difference is only one side chooses to get rid of them when they're outed.

  17. I'm more concerned about Pedro Pascal personally. I fuckin love him as an actor, but he just doesn't give me Joel vibes. Hopefully he pulls it off though.

  18. Maybe it's just a UK thing? I looked into it and found the following from UK resources here:

  19. Companies are absolutely allowed to write off their own donations to charity, which is what your links are explaining.

  20. Ah I guess I just completely misinterpreted it, my bad.

  21. Did you order it on Amazon? My partner ordered a copy of the book Solitaire and the copy that arrived was entirely missing the title and after looking it up, was an issue only happening on the Amazon versions of the book.

  22. "the pretty girl" tell me, if you find her pretty, why tf does it matter?

  23. I find it hilarious when people make claims like this. Like if this is true would Trump not have brought this up in court? He literally took the whole investigation to court, and for sooooome reason, never brought out any of these thousands of pieces of "credible" evidence. Funny that.

  24. That would explain why the monkeys escaped into the capitol.

  25. The saddest art is him calling Trump "Trump" and not "Dad"

  26. I’m originally from Argentina, where we have that monstrosities going on, then I moved to UK and kid you not, everything is underground, no ugly wiring overhanging everywhere, maintenance must be a bitch but boy o boy I really enjoy the lack of ugly cables

  27. I live in the UK and we have plenty of overhead wiring in my city. A lot of it is underground for sure, but telephone wires for example are most often above ground.

  28. Why does this make me thing of Jake Gyllenhaal so much

  29. More importantly Ariel should die and turn to sea foam at the end, and walking on land should be agonizing and feel like walking on splintered glass for her if it's supposed to "stay true" to *Hans Christian Andersen

  30. Also Ursula doesn't just steal her voice she steals her whole tongue in the original

  31. They wanna pretend it's about staying true to the original story, yet not a single person complained when Erik's Kingdom (originally supposed to be in Denmark) was portrayed with archaeology similar to Malta, and palm trees scattered around.

  32. Dama is it that time of the week where this is reposted and debunked for the millionth time?

  33. Pan here, I have to chug 15 energy drinks and wear extremely dark tinted sunglasses every time I leave the house or I pass out immediately from pure arousal and exhaustion.

  34. also pan. heavily tinted sunglasses (i often run into things when walking) + headphones because if i even hear someone’s voice i’ll be seduced so i gotta keep my bases strong and blast that pure, wholesome classical music all day long

  35. Fuck, headphones, of course! That explains why I've been struggling so much, I didn't even think of that

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