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  1. Just dont buy games on day 1 and wait for a sale, problem solved.

  2. Valkyrie Profile 1, the game deals a lot with themes surrounding death (sacrifice, grief, bargain, moving on, vengence etc.) Every person has their own story but death is a thing that everyone shares, but its how you handle your life and how you die that makes you well, you.

  3. Fatshark already have a winning formula with Vermentide 2, they can just take what they have, rehash it and got a good game , even then they failed at that.

  4. I played P5, Strikers and only picked up Royal recently, I honestly like the roadtrip thing they are going for, it feels like a natural progression to the Phantom Thieves after starting in Shibuya, only make sense for them to go around Japan to steal hearts, and it really feels like a fun adventure around the country.

  5. I honestly believe shes just playing a character in her NFOs to throw people off guard, nobody can be that insane.

  6. Can confirm, my game cant even load to the title screen, hopefully theres a fix soon.

  7. Sueing him will just give him more attention, he is not rich enough to be sued, and I dont think sueing an autistic manchilds crappy creation is a good look for Sega.

  8. Nope, no reason at all, I was using it last night just fine, I am a verified account on the platform for a couple of years, nothing I did was out of the ordinary.

  9. Some malicious reports I guess. Their filter AI is garbage. Tough luck, round 2?

  10. Not sure honestly, kinda discouraged by the sudden ban and I am not sure where to find a new phone number.

  11. To be fair in Mandarin he/she are literally pronounced as the same, theres no difference when spoken, so its kinda pointless to identify as he/she in Mandarin when its literally same sounding, if its writing then theres a bit difference I guess.

  12. Nah, fatshark will recolor themselves and sell them for for 20 bucks each.

  13. Not going to entertain him to further validate his delusions and kinks, shortly after he 'transitioned' he decided to host a lesbian sleepover so he could have a fun time with them.

  14. People who make 'fanart' , cosplay as him or giving him any interactions are dumbasses that does nothing but validate his already fragile and broken mind.

  15. Liking Superheroes. It used to be a small fun thing where people can goof around and have fun with their favorite.

  16. Why? He's in jail for fucking his Mom, not for being a disgusting pig boy his entire life, everything before the incest would be irrelevant.

  17. This just cemented how horrible he his, out of the 69 videos of him being bullied and uploading ridiculous troll influenced videos, the few times he make his own decisions are the worst one ever.

  18. Driest week for me, only made 25$ when on average i can earn around 40$ per week

  19. Thanks for the input, this a an interesting read, but I feel like Shunya might do a 'Erase me from everyones memory thing, since theres 0 mentioning of her at all.' If she dies I think they could've mentioned her at least a bit.

  20. Let us not forget, Arva Shulan topics are supposed to be kept "hush hush," so it is possible that they just were not allowed to talk about it.

  21. I thought they are keeping it a bit more public? Since the Mikado abolished the bridge and mentioned the people of Izumo are now allowed to handle official work from the capital, and Munechika's family are able to return to work as official Pillars.

  22. Everytime they change the guidelines you have to requalify.

  23. Yeah I understand that but I just qualified for it yesterday and it seems like everytime its up they requires you to requalify, I noticed everytime this Hitapp is up I am require to requalify again and again.

  24. Good thing you noticed HAHAHA i passed it thrice already. Recently, I even failed the qualification, so the task went straight to the Blocked section for that reason. I was saddened to lose such a regular task, and then boom, I'm glad it appears again though in a qualifying status.

  25. So I am not the only one haha, well at least they refresh your qualification chances too. I just hope this doesnt become a trend for UHRS.

  26. Ok thnx.that means we will get a banger story and a banger game... Got it

  27. I am on Chapter 10 and I can tell its not enough time to finish the story, it feels more like a setup to the actual story, without spoilers, this feels like Mask of Deception where it feels more like an introduction before the more important story and lore sets in later.

  28. People who are wayyyy too political and make it a personality. Sometimes I just want to have fun hanging out, not here for you to info dump so many political stuff that doesnt really contribute to anything other than your self gratification.

  29. When he did shecameforcwc, no one forced himself to do that drawing of poor Megan. Thats the moment I knew he doesnt deserve a lot of sympathy.

  30. I have a personal theory that Chris’ transition isn’t really a transition, but just a way of being able to live out his very obvious lesbian fetish

  31. One of the very first things Chris did after his 'transition' was to host a lesbian sleepover, despite that some dumb people are still defending her transition, then theres Stephanie Bustcakes for the lesbians since Ricardo Chandler failed to prostitute himself to straight woman.

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