1. If you need a referral code i can send you mine and we both get $30 in credit. If you you get it new you also beat saber right now too.

  2. Travis’ drumming on the bridge is some of my favorite work of his.

  3. Right on friend, it’s going to be a badass show. this band gets me through so much

  4. Check out his project Matt Skiba and the Sekrets, you will love it.

  5. Someone can back me up, but I'd bet any WeHo bar, tonight. I know the general festivities have been cancelled, but it should still be crazy.

  6. Traffic sucks in West Hollywood but I guess it’s the best choice lol sucks so many things were cancelled

  7. I went to a vegan festival last month and saw tons of couples. One day, one day….

  8. Where are the vegan men at?

  9. It’s going to happen, it sucks. It’s part of the dating world. There will be more dates and you’ll find someone who deserves your time

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