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  1. And isn't it interesting how no other sport (at least to my knowledge) has this arrangement in their equivalent competitions...

  2. This definitely has happened in other sports, a few years a team got kicked out of the olympics because they did this in the badminton tournament, losing their match would have given them an easier route to the final so they did. In that case the olympic comittee were able to decide "yeah no this is not the kind of thing we want people to see go home"

  3. To me, it indicates that there is a problem with the rules of how teams are advanced or eliminated. It's stupid to expect a team to play so that it hurts their chances. I don't know why it was considered a scandal on the part of the teams.

  4. It's something that can happen with basically all tournaments, sometimes you're in a position where losing is advantageous. The real issue is that it fucking sucks for people who wanted to watch that match in particular, and organisers don't like how it makes the sport look. Playing both matches simultaneously so the teams don't know how many goals they need to score is a pretty clever workaround.

  5. My favorite part about this is that it still uses pronouns incorrectly. Is this the real reason conservatives hate they/them pronouns? Because they have to think about grammar?

  6. A sizeable chunk of people do not seem to understand how to use singular they/them pronouns...

  7. We have taco bell in this country and a box of 12 tacos is pretty cheap, thinking about explaining gender stuff to my parents and then just presenting them with the tacos.

  8. How do you actually mange to grow it out? I have been trying to do it and all I got is the fucking redneck mullet

  9. The weird mullet is a phase that you just have to go to, you can style it in a less mullety way if you want. I had short hair for gender reasons for a while but didn't like it, while I was growing it out I used a lot of bobby pins and a semi-ironic alice band to keep it out of my face.

  10. You also should trim your hair occasionally, as fun as it is to have really long hair if you don't remove the split ends the damage tends to work its way up the hair shaft. You can still grow your hair out while trimming it regularly though, unless your hair is really messed up you should need to trim off less than you grow.

  11. Medical transition has a lower regret rate than laser eye surgery and hip replacements, which says a lot about how important medical transition is for people. Being comfortable in your body is bigger than being able to see or walk, it seems.

  12. She introduces herself as a pretty lady and is referred to as “big sis” by Poppy

  13. Cis women who are masc in a kind of handsome/pretty-boy way are kind of a Thing in anime and other japanese media. They're also a Thing in the anglosphere, queer women who present that way might consider themselves futch or some other identity, but I think the anime trope draws a lot from takarazuka theatre.

  14. I like how pokemon human character design has gone from "kinda quirky and colourful anime characters" to "here's your queer awakening".

  15. New greta thunberg thermostat politely asks if you really need your thermostat that high, and informs you about insulation options. Also, 30% of the profits go to an organisation that's pushing for new homes to be more energy-efficient.

  16. So this is why people hate her? For giving legitimately good and money saving advice? Wtf?

  17. I don't think she's spoken much on insulation in particular, but she's always been pretty outspoken about the fact that climate change needs to be fought with governmental actions rather than individual ones. Greta Thunberg would not shame you for turning your thermostat up if you're cold, there's bigger fish to fry.

  18. Oh man, I bet the panko crumbs give them an amazing cronch.

  19. Some ground beef substitutes need a lot of extra water to make up for the fact that actual ground beef tends to have a lot of fat content, I use quorn to make tacos because it's cheap and I normally double whatever amount of water the taco seasoning says to use. While it's cooking it looks very unappetising lmao.

  20. The trick is to use a lot of pasta water if you want a creamier sauce, waaay more than you think you need. Pasta water is magic stuff, it emulsifies really nicely with basically anything you add to it.

  21. I think seeing transness as what makes you euphoric rather than what makes you dysphoric is a pretty good way to look at things, in general. Do certain pronouns make you feel happy? Those are your pronouns now congrats.

  22. Loads of people struggle taking pills, almost everything including oestrogen can also be prescribed in a different form. I had a friend in high school who couldn't swallow pills at all, she was on the birth control pill (which is literally just feminising hrt with different concentrations) and I have no idea what she took but she managed it.

  23. Had to be at the school by 7, seated by 7:30 and class started at 8 sharp.

  24. Drinking energy drinks every morning at like 7am sounds like a caffeine dependence speedrun, how are you doing now? :P

  25. I've heard plenty of stuff about how bad raycons sound, and the fact that they're basically just bad chifi buds with a brand name slapped on, but I've also heard that they're not great for spoken stuff. I think it was crinacle or someone else that mentioned offhand that sibilant sounds (s and z etc) tend to sound really distorted, has anyone else noticed that? I have auditory processing issues that make muffled or distorted voices hard to understand, that sounds absolutely horrible.

  26. So start homeschooling your kids in latin, brent.

  27. Yes, I'm vaccinated and shedding all the nasty spike proteins, stay away from me. You should also wash your hands before and after being around me, and we'll both wear a mask so you don't breath in any of my evil spike proteins.

  28. Few understand, this person is definitely not one of them.

  29. Autism Pride Parades would be worth checking out

  30. Ok but a pride parade that's actually autism-friendly would be great.

  31. They learned once that the argument seems to work with guns and they are not gonna expand their horizon.

  32. What's extra amusing is that this is in the UK which does have strict laws against firearms, and fairly low rates of gun crime.

  33. Even better, whenever that comes up someone always shows up to say “but they have more knife crime!” But that isn’t even true. America has a significantly higher amount of both gun and knife crime.

  34. Suprisingly, if you have to go up and stab all of your victims it's a lot harder to kill lots of people.

  35. It'll be even more hilarious when Apple and Google end up removing Twitter from their app stores because Elon violates their terms of service.

  36. I'm still wondering if he'll get in trouble with some countries that have stricter laws on hate speech.

  37. My friend’s boyfriend was one of the engineers that gladly took the severance pay and left the company. According to her, he’s now living his best life and won’t start looking for jobs until Christmas is over. He showed her his LinkedIn inbox and it was 50+ unread messages from HR managers all over the country. Twitter engineers are highly sought after and thanks to Elon, every tech companies in the world know that these quality engineers are now freely available

  38. The twitter name carries a lot of weight in the tech industry, a lot of these people can just name their price and move into a new job.

  39. yeah, I'm still wearing a mask in public. Nobody tells me to smile, I get ID'd for alcohol less, I only have to put sunscreen on half of my face...

  40. I have awesome masks that I love to wear actually. Got em from an Etsy seller, love when people comment on them. People like MTG think that EVERYTHING progressives do is virtue signaling yet nothing they do is ever that. In fact, this entire post of hers is virtue signalling.

  41. I just made all of mine on my mum's sewing machine, which makes it extra nice when people compliment them

  42. What is it about too much gold plating that transforms it too looking like it's made of plastic?

  43. Gold metal is so... gold that it kinda looks fake sometimes.

  44. Where is the line between mall ninja and anarchist who's a lil confused but he's got the spirit?

  45. Look, I don't know shit about knives, but isn't this just going to be a huge pain to use? You'd have to put a lot of force behind your stabs to get past the ziggy zaggy bits and there's no guard so your hand would just slide down onto the blade.

  46. If you have the sudden urge to own this, it's called "rainbow chrome" or "rainbow anodised". It can be done to anything metal (or metal plated) so you can own a full set of cutlery if that's your jam.

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