1. You are doing fine. I think you didn’t code enough. You need to practice and write more code. I was like you at one point, but one day something clicked and I’m coding much better.

  2. I disagree with most of the people here. I don't think you need to do the same problem more than once. I think you will learn the most by seeing different problems and techniques. Don't do the same problem over and over again, instead you should do similar problems, and find the pattern in them. Master the technique, not the problem.

  3. I think it might be just bad luck. Why do you judge yourself by a interview? If you think you worked really hard, then I think you did a good job. There is always true and false. Getting one false doesn't end the function.

  4. At least keeps your brain functioning, try writing code after a 6 month break.

  5. I just took a 3 months break and I found myself coding better.

  6. I was stressed out at work and forced myself to study. Now my mind is clear and my logic is better. I'm faster and making less error.

  7. I'm planning to do the same. I'm going to try to get a perfect year.

  8. I was holding out for the X but screw it. My 4k TV doesn’t support 120hz anyways.

  9. I have a ps5 and I can't get 4k 60hz on the newest god of war. I will not buy a series s for a 4k tv.

  10. Play vampire survivor on pc. Problem solved.

  11. I'm doing it right now. But I left because the job was stressing me out. I feel a lot healthier now.

  12. 小孩子才喜欢瘦子 微胖才是最好

  13. Anything I can solve without looking up answers.

  14. Imagine going to a coding interview but can't find a unseen problem.

  15. learn the time complexity of data structures then start.

  16. Do 10 or more per day till your interview. Just go straight to the answers. Try to memorize the pattern in answers. I talked to a tech lead from Amazon one time. He told me 150 is a good number.

  17. can I get in with no degree? I have Amazon and google interview coming up.

  18. The key is don't try to come up with solution yourself but to understand what the smartest people come up with. Even if you come up with a solution it's likely brute force and not optimal. Instead for every problem you see go directly to the discussion and look at the best answers. Then deeply understand the logic. After doing this a lot, it’s very likely you will be able to solve a similar problem next time.

  19. Well, at least he found a woman. Here I'm grinding LC without stepping out of my apartment for months, let alone find a woman. Not that I can find one otherwise lol.

  20. I was dating a girl then I stop talking to her when I start grinding leetcode. I got enough headache from leetcode problems, can't deal with a girl at the same time.

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