1. How do u put writing on the different pic at the bottom

  2. When you post the pics in "gallery mode", it has an option where you can type in captions. It's kind of a new feature.

  3. I tried image searching this and the closest is a doll made by artist named " Dustin Poche".

  4. O.M.G clothes, the "curvy" Barbie clothes, and a lot of your Lori doll clothes.

  5. This has me thinkin… goodsmile should really make their own wheel chair and other accessibility items for the nendodolls. Like walking sticks or maybe even prosthetic limbs

  6. It'd be nice, though, if they did release such accessories, they'd (most) likely make them limited release, region exclusive , character specific, or all three. They do have nendos with some mobility accessories (like canes and crutches).

  7. Some types of animal agriculture are more industrialized, which can make the farm seem like a factory from the outside.

  8. I don't remember its name but I call it a "banana loop". It's a thing you use to store bananas. It's not the only way to keep bananas but it's one of those ways people do.

  9. Okay so I found them on the Japanese site but not the USA one 🤔

  10. With Goodsmile Shangai stuff, you have to go to the regular site first.

  11. Yeah, a lot of Good Smile Shanghai stuff gets sold in Asia first, though amazon,jp has you covered.

  12. Totally, she is super weak to mind attacks and that fairy

  13. Well…in a state of constant irritation with minor bouts of happiness

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