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  1. Bro wrote his college thesis about undertale.

  2. What the fuck did you get downvoted for? Are UT and DT fans mad that someone can be skilled at a game? Thats sad 😂

  3. I like the fact frisk has the stick, implying that they didn’t pick up the true knife from home to fight asgore

  4. Forgive me if im wrong, but isnt the true knife something you get after true lab? And also on a Genocide route?

  5. I love killing Sans Undertale, oh yeah and not hugging Asriel

  6. Sans has some really impressive feats:

  7. Alright, so what he can teleport, wanna know what undyne can do? Make spears shoot up from the friggin ground!

  8. I imagine walking up to alpyhs, you expect an average voice to come up, but suddenly, Alpyhs turns around and starts speaking some random Japenese crap at us in a very fast tone, in a high pitched voice, then they stop and return to their normal voice for the rest of the game.

  9. In the battle sprite, they are slippers, and litterally all the merch says theyre pink soobsds k dd8jedd

  10. Im sorry but the sleek black shoulder pads, and cool face on Fell Papyrus... I just dont see how anyone wouldnt think hes the sexiest...

  11. I think its located in a mountain region personally.

  12. Forgive me if im wrong, but in the library of Snowdin doesnt it say something like, "monsters only age once they have a child"or something like that

  13. Ending every dark world, then killing every single lightner

  14. Lil comment, I know the pixel art is sub par, but I thinks its good. (At least for the factors that it was made at 3 AM in the morning, while listening to Dialtone.) Criticism encouraged.

  15. Is it very rare ? I brought him back when he released

  16. Yep, worth around 500 USD - 3000 USD, only around 1 goes for sale weekly and its bought within an hour. So by all standards, it is VERY rare. Probaly 2nd rarest piece of merchandise released, right behind the glow in the dark mcfarlane foxy set.

  17. Oh my god has he really spiked that high in value? Last I heard he was around $400 USD maximum.

  18. Only 65! Damn you got a steal, nah most I see are atleast 800 USD

  19. Bruv mighty rude innit tis ti oh s. Hd av bb in cc auuion ofbwmy pri va acy you see hete chapbe ea th in gran

  20. Tip 1, stop playing the game, progression takes years, all the skins are limited and have passed already, and most of the communitys dead. Also they stopped updating the game a few months ago because it made enough money to satisfy them. Oh yeah also the game is bassically pay, to have fun. But dont let me stop you if you want a semi usefull tip, chica is easy to farm.

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